Is the West ethical and respectful in the treatment of the world?

Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Is the West ethical and respectful in the treatment of the world?

By Roger Caldwell

As France declares war on the Islamic State, after the Paris Massacre of 130 of its citizens, and over 350 injured, the world is at war. There is war in the east, there is war in the west, there is war in the south and there is war in the north. Every major country that has the capacity to bomb has created an enemy, and is busy killing.

The Islamic State has taken responsibility for their vicious acts in Paris, where innocent people were slaughtered like insects and roaches. These people no longer feel and behave as part of the human race. They do not operate from a place of ethical and moral principles that govern the world, instead they behave like heathens.

These heathens at any time or place will kill innocent people and nothing has rhyme or reason. They no longer live for life, but they live for death. This is a mental health issue and they live in a different reality, where they are planning to die, in a Holy War.

As the mighty West continues to bomb an invisible enemy, every country is asking the question, will they be next? When the enemy is invisible, it is easy to talk about winning a fight, but almost impossible to execute. The enemy is never visible and they strike by taking an adversary by surprise.

No one in the world is safe, and everyone is scared, because there is no end in sight. The Islamic State was started in Syria as rebels to fight President Assad who had murdered thousands of his citizens to remain in power. As the war intensified three groups emerged as leaders to dispose President Assad.

In the north there is a breakaway state run by the Kurds, who are fighting the Islamic State, and receiving weapons from Turkey and certain Western countries. The fight is extremely complicated, because they are fighting certain rebel groups, who also get weapons from certain Western countries. It appears that everyone is fighting each other, and Russia and Iran support President Assad.

Since the Islamic State has become global terrorist, and they have videos of be-heading innocent people, President Assad is allowed by the Western countries to remain in power. As Russia and Iran bomb the Syrian rebels, the Western countries bomb the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. These enemies are invisible because the Islamic State lives with the citizens, so the West is also bombing innocent people, families and children.

It is easy to tell the international news networks that the West is winning the war, but with the destruction of towns and oil refineries, it is very difficult to make that claim. With pervasive destruction of towns and peoples’ lives, everyone is really losing. The Islamic State believes that they are fighting a holy war, and the West led by America believe they are fighting to bring stability and peace to an immoral enemy.

As the West continues its war to defeat the Islamic State, they sell billions of weapons to the world, and everyone is fighting. The war machine is not stopping, and no one really knows who they are fighting. Today you are fighting one group as your enemy and tomorrow they are your friend.

President Obama was correct when he decided not to change his strategy in his war with the Islamic State. There is no immediate solution to Syria and Iraq, but bombing a country every day does not appear to be a good strategy to end a war. When the West sees war as the only solution to peace, the world must ask the question, “Will there be a world left for our future generations?”

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