Is there a plot to hide or destroy civil rights achievements from the world?

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Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Is there a plot to hide or destroy civil rights achievements from the world?

By Phillip Wright, Sr. Ph.D.

African Americans around the world as well as in Miami, have accomplished much in the past civil rights struggles by participating in the building and developing of the American Landscape that has made the slave masters rich, and those same slave masters  have passed these riches on to their offspring of today in 2014. Some of those offspring could possibly be some of our current Law Makers sitting in congress and other political positions around the United States who are opposing any gains in civil rights in order to maintain the rich and poor system in 2013. Are we headed backwards to the early civil rights struggles that we can remember that were so dangerous and painful?

Many of these offspring do not have any knowledge of how their family gained their riches, but some do know, and they wish to continue that same process.

However, some African Americans in Miami and other cities around the country have become aware of the unequal social and political process that is being directly perpetrated on the less fortunate and the poor.  Unfortunately, African Americans are now being forced to take a backseat in civil rights gains to be offered and accept many of the menial low paying jobs that do not require any special training, with low wages while working for someone else as was done before the Brown vs. Board of Education bill was passed in 1954. In retrospect, African Americans continue to have the highest unemployment rate in the country as it has been in the past, with their withholding and homeowner taxes being used for up keeping of many other neighborhoods.

The new GOP civil rights opposition is creating less opportunity for African Americans and other poor citizens to obtain enough financial gains for higher education. The process that is occurring seems to be systematically designed to reverse all civil rights gains of today in 2014, and to keep the poor subservient to the system controlled by the rich and the wealthy.

Again, today in 2014, in the city of Miami, Florida, the Hispanic population ratio is two and a half times more than all of the other groups counted together. It is not to mention that many of the past residents of the African American and the Caucasian community have moved away because of the language barrier and the lack of job opportunities. The local city and county governments are now in Hispanic control of most political seats to represent their constituents and the whole of their own growing districts, or by the Haitian communities. Has Miami over populated the city with the new immigrants foreign languages to the point that it has made it nearly impossible for the natural born Miamians to function daily socially or politically because they do not speak these other languages that are not English?

The African Americans having been kidnapped from Africa during the 1600s, loss their language when they were enslaved in America, and now speak more of the English language. However, let us not forget the construction of many buildings and the American landscape was literally built by slave labor by the African Americans fore-parents. Miami and other states and cities in America need to take a closer look to re-evaluate the Immigration and Naturalization Service industry process to create a more stable and equal social and political climate for all citizens of these United States.



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