It could happen to anybody

Don Valentine

Last Friday I arrived early for my outpatient surgery. I don’t like to be late. -There is a park around the corner from Memorial Pembroke Pines Hospital.

Pembroke Pines police have a reputation of being aggressive or doing GREAT service to the community (depends on your melanin content?)

It is 11ish in the morning for my noon surgery. I am texting and chatting on the phone in my car sitting at the park. Pines officer cruises up asks me what I am doing, and can he see my driver license, registration and proof of insurance.

I was just short of incredulous, but definitely PISSED OFF. I told the officer “No sir I am going to decline. There is no “probable cause” for your request. I am not disturbing the peace, it is not 11 at night. I have a Juris Doctorate and know that the lower courts have been supported by the Supreme Court on this doctrine, you may want to review article 4 of constitution… If you want to pursue this, you will be looking for new employment in a few months” He paused considered it and went on his way with a pissy LOOK on his Face!!

Don Valentine

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