It is time to get over yourself and win so we all can win

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This Labor Day weekend, I spent time with some of my realest friends, my day ones. The friends that know me as a United States Army Veteran, Florida International University alum and the daughter of a praying mother. Their authenticity is crucial to my growth, and I cherish our “Come to Jesus” moments where they demand that I get over myself and win so we all can win.

No matter how many times I learn this lesson, I am always amazed how insecurity, doubt and anxiety can hold us back from stepping out and winning. Equally amazing is how we often fail to realize that our wins are directly tied to someone else’s win. I truly believe that God has placed a special calling on each of our lives, and is calling each of us higher. This means, collectively, we are always in the midst of a vertical shift for the betterment of our-selves, our neighbors and the communities we serve. It is time for entry level professionals to shatter invisible ceilings and become executives. Hustlers must become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs must scale and become certified business owners. It is time to lean in, press in and actually win.

Hence, while cocktailing poolside, as I started to say above, my friend Janai, said she noticed that I was still holding back professionally and spiritually. All I could do was recognize and release the excuses, respect her honesty and appreciate her perspective. From a loving place, she demanded that I step out, be bolder and allow my brand and business to thrive. In moments like this, we are forced to ask ourselves: are we becoming addicted to the comfort zone.

This is where I send the elevator back down, so we can challenge ourselves to prosper where we are planted (1 Corinthians 7:20–24). It is no secret that anxiety and insecurity can stifle our growth, but there is something truly encouraging about individuals who despite obstacles and set-backs can overcome and win anyway. Therefore, in this sea-son, let’s make our local reach national, and our national reach global. Let’s embrace changes that come as a result of wisdom, understanding this is how you get over yourself and win!

Correspondingly, I am personally inviting you to journey with me as I venture into business development. Follow Gigi’s Music Cafe (@Gigis_Music_Cafe) and The South Florida Business Directory (@SFLBBD) as my team and I engage in the evolution of these businesses. In this final quarter of 2018, I plan to implement bolder tactics and strategic alliances. Be on the lookout for menu revamps, exclusive soirees, greater inclusion and creative networking opportunities. Individually and collectively, we can no longer hold back our greatest. The time is now. We must answer the call to prosper not just for ourselves but to inspire others that they too, can get over themselves and win.


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