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Joe Biden is out and Hillary Clinton is in

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Joe Biden is out and Hillary Clinton is in

By Roger Caldwell

      Vice President Joe Biden has made his decision not to run for President in 2016. In many political circles, there are gametes of viewpoints, which really don’t matter. Some will argue that this decision will hurt the Democratic Party, because Hillary Clinton will put her campaign on auto-pilot and cruise into the nomination. Others think this decision is great news for the Democratic Party, because it will build a united and organized infrastructure early, with the endorsement of President Obama.

The Vice President, in his national public address on his decision, appeared to be a presidential address of why the Democrats needed him in the campaign. With the tragic death of his son, and his personal age of 72 were good reasons to refrain from the scrutiny of campaign insaneness. But, in all probability, it was just not the right time for Uncle Joe to run.

Each presidential nominee will spend over a billion dollars in this presidential election, and it will be one of the nastiest and dirtiest campaigns in the history of the country. The Democratic Party from the very start of the campaign had already decided that Clinton was the nomination for the Party. Clinton has learn from the campaign in 2008, that there is an invisible campaign that takes place in backroom meetings behind closed doors.

Clinton is winning in the polls as the front-runner, but she is also winning in the invisible campaign in back rooms. The back rooms far away from the public’s eyes are where the powerful decisions are made, and the real money is divided. These invited guests shoot with real bullets, and they are handing over large sums of cash to be at the table.

There have been no defections from Clinton’s camp, and her team is ready for the long-haul. Her people believe that she will be the first woman president in the country, and the Clinton doctrine is working. She is building a strong coalition of moderates, nonwhites, women, and older voters, which make her extremely hard to beat.

Vice President Biden’s advisors, colleagues and friends urged him to stay out of the race based on “personal considerations.” Personal considerations essentially meant that the Democratic leadership had made a decision at the beginning of this campaign to go with Clinton, and their minds were made up.

This does not mean that something could go wrong with Clinton’s health, or the Republicans can find major dirt, or maybe manufacture a campaign changing scandal. But, if Clinton is able to steer clear of personal and public scandals, the nomination for the Democratic Party is within her grasp. She is the only viable mainstream Democratic candidate in the race, and her experience and track record is impeccable.

Bernie Sanders has an edge over Hillary when it comes to white progressives with cash. This will help keep Bernie in the race in the early primary states, but eventually Hillary’s team and her invisible campaign will win.

With Joe Biden out, Clinton is in, and the male chauvinists must recognize that this is a new day. Clinton is articulate, knowledgeable, smart, and well prepared to lead America into the 21st century. There is talk in many Democratic circles that veteran Representative Elijah Cummings from Baltimore would be an excellent candidate for Vice President.

Nevertheless, the Democrats must build a comprehensive platform that addresses all citizens, and leaves no segment of America out. When the Democrats show up at the polls, they win. Clinton has worked her entire life to reach this point in her political life, and now she must mobilize and excite her party, because America is ready for the first woman president.

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