Kappa Leaguers making a difference

KappaKappa Leaguers making a difference

Pictured are members of the Kappa League, along with brothers of the Pompano Beach Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and Pompano City employees showing the before and after status of the project.

By JD Scruggs

Members of the Kappa League Program of the Pompano Beach Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. have been busy making a difference in the community by identifying and completing various projects for community enhancement.

The Kappa League Program provides assistance to young men, especially Black males, of high school age to cultivate and develop their leadership skills with respect to their preparation for collegiate and societal ventures. The Program emphasizes the importance of respect for self, respect for others, and the rewards of community service.

The most recent project, “Painting for a Purpose”, involved identifying five homes of senior citizens in the Pompano community which were drastically in need of painting and refurbishing. The event, in partnership with the City of Pompano Beach, occurred over a two weekend period in February—the first weekend consisted of pressure cleaning and preparation; the second weekend consisted of a thorough painting and clean-up.

By observing the big smiles on the faces of the homeowners, it was obvious that the project was an overwhelming success and met its objectives of teaching life skills; providing service to those in need; taking pride in the community and beautification of the city.

Project leaders were Mr. Kwame Stokes, Polemarch (president), Mr. Willie Brown, Foundation Chair, and Mr. Frank Pinkney, Director of the League.

For more information regarding the Kappa League Program, you may contact Pinkney at fjpinkney@gmail.com

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