Leaders Warn Of Black People Being ‘Guinea Pigs For Our Economy’ Amid Nationwide Reopening Plans

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States gradually reopen without substantial plan for people disproportionately impacted by COVID-19.

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Anxieties are high as states across the country are either being pressured or are making plans to reopen businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Virginia is one state that is gradually opening, with the first phase occurring on Friday (with the exception of northern Virginia). However, lawmakers are urging the governor to consider the impact openings can have on Black people.

According to ABC 13 News, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus addressed Gov. Ralph Northam in a letter saying the move to reopen Virginia later this week would be like treating Black and brown people like “guinea pigs for our economy.” They explained that the state doesn’t have the necessary testing capacity and infrastructure for a safe opening and that many workers who are minorities will be put at an unfair risk.

“Throughout our country’s history, Black and Brown people have been experimented on and used as unwilling test subjects before — we cannot allow that to be repeated here,” the letter read

Similar to the rest of the country, Black people are dying from COVID-19 at a disproportionate rate in Virginia. Black and brown folks are especially at risk because they are more likely to have jobs that are deemed essential and as reopenings begin, they are probably going to be the ones who return first.

Northam said he’s basing his moves on positive trends in key metrics related to the virus’ spread, like testing capacity and hospital readiness. At a Wednesday press conference, he said, “Phase one represents a small step forward.”

Virginia joins other states that are gradually reopening. Some states, like Alabama, have adapted a “Safer at Home Order” rather than the stricter “Stay At Home” order, however, even this order is loosening by the end of May.

Some Black business owners have been divided on reopening, considering 90% of businesses owned by people of color have been, or will likely be, shut out of the Paycheck Protection Program, a federal program meant to help small businesses during the pandemic. However, in general, Black business owners have acknowledged the dangers of the coronavirus in the Black community.

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