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Leonard Rowe asks: Why aren’t Black people winning discrimination lawsuits anymore?

LEONARD-ROWELeonard Rowe asks: Why aren’t Black people winning discrimination lawsuits anymore?

By Leonard Rowe

     Most Black Americans are not aware that there is an ongoing conspiracy currently being waged against them in this country. This conspiracy is designed to keep Black people powerless and financially drained. The way this is being accomplished is by keeping Black America totally divided and eliminating as many possibilities for prosperity as possible, without it being detected. Having money gives us power. Most of us remain ignorant to the tactics that are being used to keep us subservient. When Black people come together on any given issue we are a powerful race of people. Why? Unlike other races of people in America, we have no fear of anyone or anything when we feel that we are being mistreated or discriminated against as a group. This is why all efforts are made to keep Black people separated in this nation and to eliminate our access to the media.

When Black people were fighting for civil rights in the 60’s, there were other groups that secretly stayed out of sight, that were with us, morally and financially, but did not want it to be known that they were supporting us because of their fear of whites in this country. While knowing all along that the passing of a civil rights bill would also benefit them as well as it would us, they privately gave us their support. Today, the same group of people that stood with us secretly is mainly the ones that are mistreating Black people and violating our civil rights. We, as African Americans, have been mistreated by this country more than any other race of people on earth, but have never received compensation for the abuse. Practically all other groups and nations that have been mistreated by America have received some form of compensation for past wrong doings committed by our country.

I have often wondered how we as Black Americans can support and approve of our tax dollars going to countries like Israel to help the Israeli people, but never demand that our homeland, which is Africa, receive the same financial and military support as we give to other nations. We must always remember the wealth of this country was mainly created from the forced free labor, pro-vided by our enslaved ancestors who were kidnapped from our native continent of Africa.

Black people, we must wake up. We are still asleep and being bamboozled and tricked. Do you ever hear of minorities, especially African Americans wining discrimination lawsuits in our courts anymore? I don’t. It’s not because whites have stopped discriminating; they will never stop giving the advantage to their own people.

Rather in most cases, Judges have been put in place in our federal court system to ignore the law as well as the evidence and dismiss the discrimination cases, not allowing them to ever be heard and decided by a jury. I had often wondered what white Republican politicians like New York former mayor Giuliani meant when they would say that they are not for redistributing the wealth. I learned later that what they really meant was that no matter how they obtained the wealth, whether by fraudulent or discriminatory means, they are not giving it back. To ensure this, they have quietly taken control of our courts, and we as Black people are not aware of it. Our federal court system has become biased when it comes to the rights of African Americans. I hope this next statement does not sound racial because I am not a racist. Black people must stop allowing an all white jury to decide their fate in our courts. We must also make wise decisions when choosing our attorney or attorneys.

The United States Constitution entitles you to a jury of your peers. When you allow an all white jury to decide your fate, in most cases you are being tricked. No matter what your attorney may tell you, don’t do it. An all white jury will not be able to relate with your struggles in life and very seldom will they have compassion or sensitivity for you or your family. No matter what, don’t do it; stand firm on this issue.

Black people do not own much of anything any longer in this country. Why?  Because the white power structure makes it their business to buy it and take it away from us, once they see that we have something that has the potential to become a profitable or a successful business venture. Money is power, and they know it. Basically all groups and races have their own business industries except African Americans. Let’s take a close look at our Black hair care products industry. We don’t even own that any longer: It has been taken over by the Koreans. Black people should stop buying their own hair care products from the Korean people and demand that they give us back our business. If we would stop patronizing them, they would have no choice but to relinquish it and turn our business back over to us. We are the only race of people that would allow this type of financial rape of their own people and community.

Let’s take a look at the Black record companies that were once thriving but are now gone and out of business. Such as LaFace Records which was located in Atlanta, Philly International Records that was  in Philadelphia and  Solar Records which was run by my good friend the late Dick Griffey in Los Angeles, and there were many others.

The closing of these companies was not coincidental like they would have you to believe. It was all part of a plan by those that control the music industry and Hollywood. The same thing has happened to all Black Concert Promoters who have all been run out of business solely because of their race. We don’t even own Jet or Ebony magazines any longer. They bought them from us as well. These moves are done to take away our voice, financial power and means of communication. BET is gone now also. They bought that from us as well. It became too powerful of a communication tool for a Black person to own and control. By controlling the media and all communication outlets, they control the way we think as well as the conscience of America.

I would like for you to also take a close look at what happened to my close and dear friend, Michael Jackson. He owned a billion dollar music catalog which was, to my knowledge, the largest and most valuable music catalog owned by any individual in the world. He personally told me that he would never sell or relinquish it. He wanted to keep it and pass it on to his children. That, also, was too much power for a Black man to have and control in the entertainment industry, so they killed him and took it back. We don’t even control our civil rights organizations any longer, Such as The NAACP, The Urban -, the MLK Center For Social Change, Operation Push, Al Sharpton’s Action Network, and even The SCLC.

Have you ever thought about it. You never see or hear of these organizations fighting for the protection of Black people’s civil rights any longer? When was the last time you saw one of these organizations picketing or marching against discrimination? You haven’t, why? It’s not because discrimination has stopped. Let me tell you why, it’s very simple. We have allowed these organizations to be infiltrated by others with the use of their finances. They all are doing something that the late Malcolm X. said we must not do, and that is to accept their money. This is how these civil rights organizations have been neutralized and they don’t even know it. They are afraid of losing that annual contribution that they are receiving each year, which is tax deductible to the contributor. These donations are often given to those organizations to ensure that they will turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the discriminatory policies and practices designed to prevent African America people from advancing. These donations mostly come from the very same people that discriminate against African Americans on a daily bases, such as Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry. These donations keep our Black leaders silent, and allow these racist companies to continue discriminating against Black people with continuity.

When Black people charge Hollywood companies with discrimination, such as I did, with documented proof in hand, showing that behind closed doors Hollywood executives have been referring to Black people as “ni**ers,” “coons”, and “spooks” hundreds of times; oufederal courts turn a blind eye to this racist behavior.

Our civil rights leaders become hard to reach once they see who the perpetrators of this racism are. You can no longer reach them by phone because they have all been bought. It is so awful what we have allowed these people to do to us in this country. We are losing ground rapidly, and we must wake up people. All of this is being planned and accomplished by de-stroying and neutralizing our leadership. They never want to see another creation of an President Obama or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in this country. They are targeting our future Black leaders at an early stage and destroying them. They have tarnished the legacy of our future leaders like Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr. and Kwami Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit. I am not saying that these individuals are innocent, but what I do want to say is that white politicians and federal judges are committing more heinous and despicable crimes than these two individuals have been accused of and are not being pursued as vigorously by our government or FBI as these individuals were, and most of us don’t even have a clue that all of this is being done intentionally.

When whites victimize Black people, our law enforcement agencies do not move as expeditiously or as vigorously as they do when white citizens are victimized by Blacks. In most cases they pretend not to see the crime. Our sons, daughters, fathers and mothers go abroad, when asked by our government, and put their lives on the line for this country, but are denied equal protection under the law upon their return, solely because of their race. Think about it. This is all being accomplished and done with their control of the media and the courts. We as Black people have very little in the way of communication. The media is often used by those that control it to destroy the character of African Americans that are viewed as a threat to their corrupt way of life. It is not used in the same manner to destroy the character of white American citizens, because they will not allow it, and if it was attempted, it would be taken away from those that maintain control of it. And they know it. It’s mainly used (the media) to destroy African Americans and other nations and leaders that are disliked by those in control of it.

We as Black people must first come together and confront our civil rights leaders, organizations, politicians and demand that they stop being controlled by those that are hurting and destroying prosperity for our race of people. We must also come to the aid of other Black Americans when they are being denied justice by our judicial system; we did that when the brutal beating of Rodney King took place in California. We also stood up when Trayvon Martin’s life was unjustly taken in Florida. We must also stand with Black Americans like Mr. Marcus Washington who is presently fighting for his constitutional rights in a discrimination law suit in New York District Court against the financially powerful giant, The William Morris Agency.

Because what affects him in his fights directly, will affect all African Americans indirectly. His fight, as well as my own against this entertainment giant is similar to the fight of David and Goliath, but we must always remember that David came out ok.

We can’t make people change how they feel about us, but we have laws firmly put in place to make sure people change their wrong behavior towards us. We can never change things if we continue tolerating them. I write this article with the belief that it is sinful for one not to share the wisdom and knowledge that God has given them.

I pray that Dr. Boyce Watkins will continue to have the courage to bring us your Black World News, which I view as being truthful and reliable. We as Black people must support him in every way possible. We need this publication now more than ever to ensure that the voice and conscious of Black America will continue to be heard.



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