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Let us stop looking the other way

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Let us stop looking the other way

By P. L. Wright Ph.d.

During my lifetime of experiencing acts of racism and discrimination personally in the state of Florida, it has become very clear who should be on trial for the absence of civil rights and the misuse of justice during many trials of African Americans. We must stop and take a look the other way and see clearly at the Justice Department of the United States and the judges, our lawmakers in Congress, our governors and first the District Attorneys’ office who initially make the decision to charge a defendant with a crime. We must start to examine the integrity and honesty of these public officials who are not exhibiting fairness and equality of the law for everyone, no matter their color, creed, race, ethnicity or sexual preference, etc. As it has been said, “Houston we have a problem”.

However, the United States cannot survive any longer with laws that seem to have been created and directed toward African American men and women, causing more harm and death. It is very clear what is going on with the United States justice system and how it is not administering the law equally to each U S. citizen on trial for any type of crime.

Our African American lawmakers should join together and protest concerning any trial that has demonstrated unfair treatment by the absence of civil and human rights or the absence of justice for everyone, and especially for African American citizens when they are charged and convicted of a crime that has not been tried with honesty and integrity with fair and equal rights and justice.

The Stand Your Ground Law is just a smoke screen that has been deemed as a legal means to murder our young Black men and women, who speak out against being prejudiced and treated unfairly and without justice anywhere, and they express that they are aware of it and their civil and human rights are being violated, and they demand not to be treated unfairly and threatened verbally or physically with malice to do harm to their person.

Take a stand on this issue African American lawmakers everywhere in the United States, and stop looking the other way. You only have your sons and daughters to lose, if you do nothing about it.


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