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Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor

By James J. Hankins

Excerpt from my book — What We Blacks Need To Do – “A small boat with no lifejackets was transporting twelve people on a six-mile trip from the west to the east side of a lake. About half way, the boat was hit by a large log floating in the water. The boat was quickly taking in water and there were no buckets on the boat. The driver ordered the ladies to dump the contents of their pocketbooks in the water, take off their boots and use them as a bucket to throw the water out. He ordered the men to use their hats, caps and shoes to do the same. All pitched in except one man, a stylishly dressed manicured U. S. Representative. When they safely reached the east side, the driver hollered at the politician and asked why you didn’t help us get the water out of the boat. The three term Congressman said “the hole was on the left side of the boat and I was on the right side. “This is the motis operandi of some “well-paid” selfish politicians”. Please register, research the candidates, and issue then VOTE!!!


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