Letter to Editor

James Hankins

By James J. Hankins

WE VOTED IN RECORD NUMBERS, GOD HELPED US AND TOLD TRUMP AND HIS ELECTED CULT MEMBERS “BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”. The two-year corrupt, hate-filled, homophobic, racist and sexist TRUMP revolution is over.

The honorable Congresswoman Maxine Waters and the soon to be democratic controlled tax committee will examine the last twelve years of TRUMP’S taxes. The founding fathers anticipated some unscrupulous presidents would commit high crimes and misdemeanors, so they spelled out verbatim/word for word the remedy for Congress in the U.S. Constitution.

After a fine-tooth-comb examination, the new tax committee will follow the same instructions that my wife’s senior Christian Chapel AME-Zion pastor tells her congregation after the announcements: “now govern yourself accordingly. We must work harder to take back the U.S. Senate and White House in 2020. Enjoy Thanksgiving, Christmas and back to work in January!!

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