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James Hankins

By James Hankins

      EBENEZER SCROOGE HAS A CHILDLIKE, IMMORAL, LYING, LONELY AND CORRUPT TWIN BROTHER NAME DONALD. Understanding the language of politics: Lesson #5 – EMBEZZLE. Embezzle means to steal money from your company, organization, church or people who trust you. This word is only if you wear a white collar. If your collar is blue, you are just stealing. Embezzling also includes stealing a person’s good name and reparation. TRUMP’S corruption includes stealing money from his own fake charity and taking money he collected in a fundraiser for veterans.

Taken money from housing and school buildings from active duty military to waste on his wall and putting children in animal cages.  The U.S. gives billions every year in foreign aid to over 195 countries and the only country TRUMP accuses of corruption is Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani helped him because he also hates Joe Biden. When Rudy was running for president (2008) Joe Biden destroyed his support in one sentence. Biden said there are only three things in Rudy campaign speeches, a noun, verb and 911.

After watching a movie about Ebenezer Scrooge, I had a dream. A president met St. Peter at the gate. St. Peter look at his record and reported to GOD. GOD asked St. Peter how did he treat my people especially the least of them? How much did he give to charity? St. Peter said, once the Salvation Army was collecting and he dropped a dime in the red kettle and reported it as $10,000 on (Schedule A, charitable contribution’s) on his Income tax return. GOD told St. Peter “give him his dime back and tell him to go to “HELL”. Who do you think that president was??? Please register, vote and share this message.  This is an excerpt from my book “What We Blacks Need To Do” by James J. Hankins. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

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