Letter to the Editor

Bruce Taylor

Letter to the Editor

By Bruce Taylor

People, I have something to say. Are you proactive or reactive in your daily life planning that affects your world. Well, we all need to be proactive in ensuring that our voting rights (civil liberties) are in order. What I mean is this: we cannot afford to wait until we get to the polls and find out there is an issue or issues that need our immediate attention, issues needing to be resolved before we can cast a ballot. This is old and tired news. Every election, whether local, state, or national, the media (TV) makes news of people who are turned away from the polls because they opted to be reactive instead of proactive approach to ensure all credentials are in place to vote and where to vote. But, on the other hand, we are on the news acting surprise, complaining and crying that your rights are being violated. This is unacceptable. Let’s be proactive, with a ‘SENSE of URGENCY’ in making sure that we are able to vote when that time comes around. HANDLE IT NOW! FIX IT NOW! Again, a proactive approach to ensure your voting civil liberties are intact so you don’t have any hang ups when you get to the poll. No excuse! NO EXCUSES! It is your responsibility; know one else. Yours and only yours. LET’S DO BETTER. “Don’t get caught with your pants down,” when it’s time to vote.

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