Look up the word Genocide with your Smart Phone

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
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By Dr. P.L. Wright, PH.D

This is one of my stories. During July 2006 our family had a reunion in Atlanta, Georgia. I met many families and had a lot of fun with recent memories of those I had just met. This is a story about 1 member who set next to me on our lease bus on the way to the picnic. We talked all the way there about entertainment and celebrities. He also told me he was soon getting married to a wonderful lady. He knew about me and my sisters and brothers being celebrities from recordings and music shows around the world. When we arrived at the picnic area, the family members who sat next to me had immediately left. I wondered where he went so fast.

I waited until the elderly ladies left the bus one by one. Following the last lady, there was my cousin helping them off the bus. He seemed to be a gentleman at heart. We all had fun there and at the Banquet, too. I learned much about that cousin. Unfortunately, about 4 months later during November 2006, I was watching the Television News and the name of the cousin from the picnic was mentioned over and over again. He had been killed by plain clothes policemen, and some were undercover in a sting on Black night clubs and other clubs too.  The police were looking for any signs of criminal activity happening inside the club giving them cause to close the club down. There was none. It happened at his bachelor’s party. There were 2 others killed with him as well. His name was Sean Bell.

He was my cousin, and it happened when the bachelor party had ended, and everyone was leaving. There were at least 44 shots fired into his car that was standing still, and there was no weapon found or no crime committed by Sean Bell or the other 2 young men either. None of the policemen were held accountable for the murders and committed into a prison for their crimes of murder. Five years later 1 of the many who fired shots into Sean’s car was fired from the police department.

Looking at these same types of events of killing by some Police all over the United States, it seems to be systematically designed and happening to many Black men with no evidence that they had committed a crime, or refused to obey Police commands, and no weapons were found anywhere. Did you look up the word Genocide yet? If so, tell what it defines/ describes as I just told my story. This is occurring all over the United States with no accountability for those policemen who are committing crimes of murder of Black men. It is precisely as the definition as described in the dictionary or on our smart phones. Now why can’t something be done about these killings of our Black men and some boys. I suppose I could call it Genocide since the recurring events are still happening everywhere in America, and the word Genocide describes those evidence of crimes committed by some police officers.


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