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Magic Johnson opens up about his son and being gay in the African American community

EJ, his mon Cookie and his father Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson opens up about his son and being gay in the African American community

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      Magic Johnson sat down exclusively with Harvey of TMZ to discuss his son, EJ and the subject of being gay in the African American community and sports. Getting right to it, John-son said that he knew his son was gay. Johnson said that he and his wife actually approached EJ about it at the age of 13 or 14. During that encounter he told EJ, “We just want you to love yourself and also make sure that you have all the information.” He added, “That’s what I wanted to give him, just provide him with advice and guidance.”

     Johnson told his son that he can always talk to him and his mom. Johnson says that at first EJ was torn about coming out, but Johnson credits TMZ for helping EJ. The basketball legend said that EJ may not have known how to come out. Of his son’s decision Johnson said, “I’m behind him a million percent.”

     Johnson also addressed the negative comments that have been burning up blogger pages, when the news broke about his son being gay. Johnson addressed the divide within the African American community about African Americans coming out. Johnson said that in the African American community, religion and other traditions come into play when dealing with the gay phobia that plagues unification within the Black community. As one of the most active investors in the African American community, it does bother Johnson when anyone is discriminated against because they are gay. Johnson said, “This is 2013 and we should stop discriminating against people and support them.” He adds, “ I think this is going to be good for a lot of Black young people who want to come out.” “EJ is really going to help a lot of young people.”

     Johnson finally touched on athletes eventually not being afraid to come out. Harvey posed a question about Johnson’s own team, the L.A. Dodgers, and what he would do if one of his players wanted to come out. Johnson told Harvey, “As an owner you really have to support the person and then help educate the public.” He adds, “ If a player ever wants to talk to me whether he is on the team or not about coming out or about life, my door is always open.” 

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