Make sure your voice is heard—VOTE!

Byler-HenryMake sure your voice is heard—VOTE!   

By Byler E. Henry

This year’s election has started to heat up and the votes in Florida may determine which way the race goes. The candidates are spending a lot of time campaigning in Florida, making back to back trips and trying their hardest to get the votes.

The latest upshot poll has shown that Donald Trump has taken a four-point lead in Florida. Last month, the poll had Hilary ahead of Trump by one percentage point. It looks as if Trump still has a chance to keep it a close race if he can win Florida’s 29 electoral votes.

As Floridians, we must do our part to make sure that we get out and vote. There are also other issues on the ballot that we need to think about when we vote. We must carefully consider our United States Senator, Representative in Congress, and our county court judges, and county commissioners. Every position in office affects us daily, not just the president.

So, when you get out to vote, encourage your friends and family to vote as well. The voting of the constitutional amendments is also important to pay attention to. The wording on them is tricky, and you can be easily deceived to vote on something that you don’t fully understand. Amendment 1 is one that is especially tricky and sounds good at first glance.

Under Florida’s constitution you have the right to own or lease solar equipment on your property. Sounds good, right? Many solar companies do not support this amendment. Many may read this sentence and automatically vote yes, but what comes after that is confusing and deceiving. After seeing all the vote yes on No. 1 commercials, and hearing what the solar companies have to say about the utility companies wanting to keep their monopolies, I know what I will be voting for NO on 1.

Please research carefully and don’t let the wording on the ballots fool you. I understand it can be hard to understand, and you may receive a headache or two trying to understand it, but that is where google can help you out and be the Advil for your headache.

Research carefully and pay close attention to the other constitutional amendments as well.

So, whether you decide to vote on election day or early vote, your vote counts and there is nothing wrong with encouraging friends and family to make sure their voice is heard as well; the more the merrier. “There is strength in numbers.”Mark Shields

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