Mann’s World Family Tour comes to South Florida

David and Tamela Mann
David and Tamela Mann
David and Tamela Mann

Mann’s World Family Tour comes to South Florida

By Jackie Sheppard

South Florida – get ready for the premier of the Mann’s World Family Tour which is set to kick off on Friday, Sept. 1 a 7:30 p.m., at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Fla. The tour has 20 dates planned for the fall, expect an evening of music, comedy and family entertainment. Tickets are on sale now at the James L Knight Center.

David and Tamela Mann are widely known for their hit comedy show Meet the Browns and for touring with Kirk Franklin and the Family. Their popularity advanced in the television world by working with the highly acclaimed Tyler Perry.

Tamela is a Grammy and Stellar Award winner with many accolades attributed to her Gospel career. She is known for many solo hits like Change Me and God Provides; she attributes the success of her songs as means to reach as many people as possible for the Kingdom of God.

The Westside Gazette Newspaper had the opportunity to interview the Manns about their upcoming event and the latest in their family life and careers. Here’s what they had to say about it: We anticipate this tour with much excitement, and many will be surprised with the events that will take place through the show.

The Manns are happy to announce that their children are on tour with them. When asked about sharing the stage with their children, they stated that their kids had to earn their spot on the show. Tamela mentioned that she never prayed for them to be in the industry but the Lord has blessed them and she hopes that other families will be encouraged by their unity in the industry.

David is a comedian in his own right. When asked if we will see more of his character Mr. Brown, he replied “stay tuned”. He has a pure and genuine love for his wife and that is displayed in their daily life. In a previous interview with Tamela, she once said that she loves to be in her husband’s presence. When asked what keeps her there (in his presence),  Mr. Mann replied that the same thing that he did to get her, he does every day, and she never knows what to expect. They love being around each other and he keeps her on her toes.

Tamela offers this advice to mothers and anyone who feels as if they want to give up when times are hard. She says : there is hope and lifeas long as you are breathing; all things are possible. Keep working and never give up.

The Mann’s are the most loving couple that you would ever want to witness and their love will inspire you. They are patient, kind and speaking with them makes you feel a part of the family.


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