Mass Murderer Syndrome

John Johnson

“Why in America are  guns sacred, protected , and valued rather  than our children? ”John Johnson II

By John Johnson II

    Unfortunately, mass murder in America has  reached a level such that it’s classified as both an epidemic and a National crisis. No longer can we only  label Middle Eastern countries as uncivilized because of their use of radicalized suicide bombers as weapons. Our own escalating murders could lead one to conclude that we’re also uncivilized and  facing a “Mass Murder Syndrome.”

Without doing any kind of research, let’s take a commonsense review of the following possible characteristics  associated with mass murderers: 1) usually white male between the ages of 16 – 45, 2) troubled childhood, 3) Mental health issues, 4) peer rejection/bullying, 5) subject to radicalization,  and  6) low self-esteem.  You’re encouraged to try  adding your suggestions, before attempting to identify anyone who exhibits any of these characteristics, including yourself.

Certainly, if the  characteristics of a mass murderer could serve as a preventive measure, then it’s possible that  knowing their motives too would be helpful. Though not scientifically collected, anecdotal data have revealed the following as motives: 1) revenge, 2) notoriety, 3) idealization, 4) grievance,  5) racism, and 6) mental illness untreated or unsuccessfully treated.

Now that I’ve provided descriptive characteristics and motives associated with mass murderers, it’s important that we identify which categories of people mass murderers tend to target. Again, using a commonsense  approach, mass murderers have targeted the following: 1) young school age children, 2) middle/high school classmates, 4) shoppers, 5) college students,  6) members of various ethnic groups, and co-workers.

If these three classifying  factors offer an objective profile of a possible mass murderer, then somehow there’s a ray of hope that there lies within measures for  reducing or preventing this National mass murderer syndrome.

After examining this information presented, attempt applying it to the  Marjorie Stoneman Douglas mass murders to determine if it  would’ve prevented  or  limited the number of murders. Don’t attempt this analysis if it’s painful.

However, for those still searching for answers, it’s suggested the aforementioned information  is used to reconstruct the following profile, motives and targeted population of Nikolas Cruz, the convicted mass murderer:

PROFILE: 1) born unto a drug addicted mother/dysfunctional family, 2) exhibited  early signs of fetal alcohol disorder, 3) depression due to death of parental mother, 4) received special education services at age six, 5) developed fascination with guns,  6) adopted parents purchased him a rifle,  8) demonstrated aggressive, antisocial, animal like behavior as a child,  9) lacked self-control, 10 ) brought firearms and dead animals to school,  11) viewed students and teachers as protagonists, and  12) posted threats of mayhem.      MOTIVE(S): A review of Cruz’s profile would suggest that his motives to become a mass murderer  stemmed from his  birth from a drug addicted mother and living in a dysfunctional family which may have worsened his mental illness. These factors possibly  had a devastating effect on his prenatal, physical, psychological, emotional, and social development. Also, he developed aggressive and hostile behavior towards animals,  classmates and school personnel.

TARGETED POPULATION:  A less than professional forensic examination of Cruz’s profile and motives clearly reveals who he targeted as the population to become  victims of one of our Nation’s most heinous  mass murderer’s syndrome. Unfortunately, his hostile behavior towards classmates and teachers went unabated.

Somehow in this mass of information, there are viable solutions that may have prevented or limited the number murdered in Marjorie Stoneman Douglas or within  other schools in the future. Certainly, learning from past omissions can prevent future commission of tragic consequences.

This murderous syndrome may not  have occurred had Cruz’s mother received treatment for her drug addition, his family received long termed counseling, he received continuous treatment for mental illness, or our society wasn’t  dismissive towards mental illness and  if commonsense gun regulations were enacted. Is it  not disingenuous to label this mass murder simply as fate? No parent should ever hear such words. In a civilized society, all children are  nurtured, protected, and provided with all available medical services to ensure they become healthy and productive members of society.

Amazingly, as I began to write a summary,  I realized that America’s  mass murderer syndrome may be due as well to right wing Republicans’ calls for Christian nationalisms, psychotic defense of the Second Amendment,  evil perpetuation of systemic racism, failure to support adequate funding to  treat mental illness,  divisive use of social media, and  their insatiable lust for power to control and suppress Black people, immigrants, and especially women.

If the Fifteenth Amendment can be amended, why so Republicans treat the  Second Amendment as  though it’s a “Holy Grail and not subject to being amended?” Without specificity, there’s no way the Second Amendment means bare without restrictions any weapon invented or yet invented. Why is it easier to purchase a gun than to receive treatment for mental illness?  Why must our children live in perpetual fear of being  victims  of the MASS MURDERER SYNDROME, of all places, at school? Ask Republicans!



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