Maxine Waters Statement

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Maxine Waters Statement

By Dr. Philip Wright

I would just like to say that Maxine Waters has stepped out of bounds with her recent statement about our governmental appointees. Her statement was on video saying that whenever you see one who works for our United States Government anywhere in public, you should call them out offensively by speaking with an insulting manner to them in public, while disgracing them in her disagreement with their governmental opposing views”. Instead, she should have been thinking and saying to herself, I shall not speak with ill will toward anyone in our government who has opposing views other than mine.

They are working to keep our families, themselves and me safe from outside sources who wishes to harm us, or change the United States of America from a free and peaceful democratic society. We Americans do not wish  to live in a radical and dangerous place. Americans wish to live in harmony and peace with our freedoms that are not harmful to each other. It seems the enemy  wishes to change the way we live, and to change the fabric of our country of America, BUT WE MUST RECOGNIZE IT WITH A PASSION AND CLARITY in Defense of.  We are all  still trying to maintain the freedoms that our fore—fathers created in the United States Constitution.

It is also STATED IN SOME PASSAGES OF  the B I B L E  that we must remember to treat all others in the same way we wish for them  to treat us: with respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, concern with understanding, and most of all with love that is given to all of us by God’s Grace and Mercy. I hope this message reaches whomever reads it with understanding and no ill feelings toward another person.


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