Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, who did you pick?

Don-At-WorkMayweather vs. Pacquiao, who did you pick?

By Don Valentine

Let me correct the idea that Mayweather is 47-0. He is really 53-0. The other six happened to be against women.  Those female contenders were clearly under equipped to go into a ring with a trained professional boxer.  Sure he is only a 151 pound feather weight, but those ladies would have had a better chance against a physics professor.

It is recognized in 90 percent of the world that it is reprehensible for a man to put his hands on a woman.  Some like Mayweather, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Mike Tyson would call that statement ludicrous. This scribe will tell them with all due respect to go kick rocks.

In one of the most heinous of incidents, Mayweather beat his kid’s mother in plain view of the children. In her police report she describes screaming to the kids to run for help. Unfortunately, Mayweather had one of his henchman blocking the door while he pummeled their mom. His son manages to escape and runs to the gated community guard shack. Mayweather realizes what happened and flees the scene.

The mother then takes the other three kids to the guard shack. When the police arrive she is severely bruised and nearly comatose. T.M.Z. obtained footage of her being taken to an ambulance on a gurney.

For this malicious act, Mayweather got a 90-day misdemeanor sentence by the state of Nevada. His act smells felonious to me, but I don’t practice criminal law. Neither does the Nevada Boxing Commission, who let Mayweather keep his license to box.

To my male readers please take the following advice. When things get heated, contentious with my lady I go wash my car till things calm down. Go to the beach, go to the sports bar, I don’t care. But NEVER EVER put your hands on a woman.

My pick on the fight?  I’m not a boxing fan, but I hoped Pacquiao beat the snot out of him.

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