Men get raped more often than we know

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.
Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Men get raped more often than we know

By Dr. Phillip L. Wright Ph.D.

Now that society has become openly transparent about molestation and rape, I’d like to express my thoughts about the issue. Dating back centuries ago, it was not unusual for young boys to be invited to the bath houses in Rome to take baths with some of the older men. Today in 2017, the American prisons are full of men who are there for long periods of time and missing the intimacy of females so they turn to each other. It is not always accepted and agreed by both men, but then it becomes rape with no recourse.

Even on the outside of the prisons in society, there is a fad that was created inside prisons where some men would wear their pants below the rear bottom of his hips, as an invitation for sex. The young boys are not even aware of what it really means. Men are raped by other men, but too embarrassed to make a police report. Many times the raped victim having loss his sexual identity, decides to change his sexual preference to another male. These incidents create drug abuse, crime, diseases and sometimes suicide.

There is no comparison about what happens to either sex, men or women victims; it is about power, control with sometimes murder as well. These horrific incidents are the same with both sexes. Unfortunately, our judicial system of law has just begun to recognize and address this serious and dangerous dilemma. Think about; this, if all women married other women, and all men married other men, then who would multiply the human race? It is not for us to decide this dilemma because God is still in control. No matter what we do, we cannot fix it.


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