Miami Dolphins: Post Game Presser vs Indianapolis Colts 12.27.15

Miami Dolphins interim head coach Dan Campbell.Shot by Miami Dolphins

“About Kicking Field Goals”

“We wanted a chance to win it in the end, keep it a one score game. We drove it down and had a chance to win it. ” 

 – Dan Campbell

“About His One Handed Catch”

“Just me and T (Ryan Tannehill) trusting each other. We talked about it before that drive, before that punt actually. He wanted me to get more invovled. It started off with that drive and later on that catch. ” 

 – Jarvis Landry

“About Kicking Field Goals”

“As a competitor I want to try and win. I want to punch it in. You think about the game as a whole and we took it to the end, a one score game. We had an opportunity to go down the end and win so you can’t fault anyone.” 

 – Ryan Tannehill

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