Miami Dolphins: The Day Danny Woodhead Transformed Into Jerry Rice

Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi runs into the endzone for the touchdown.Shot by Miami

When it comes to the Miami Dolphins there is so much that could be said about this team that it’ll take an entire book to understand this franchise.

It’s difficult to say that the losses don’t hurt on Sunday because they do. It’s also difficult to say that this team will be better next season because that’s a sentence that we (us fans) throw around before the beginning of every season only to get ultimately disappointed by the end of the season. The Dolphins have been the child in the Miami family that will not get it together no matter how much you love them. No matter how much you pray over this team it seems like they’re always the prey and never the hunter and ultimately that’s the problem that lies with this team. Maybe we need to continue to have faith in this franchise, or maybe it’s time that the entire team finally held a firesale and started to start from the bottom once again.

Either way, Sunday’s 30-14 road loss to the San Diego Chargers was not pretty.

“The effort wasn’t the problem,” interim head coach Dan Campbell said. “It was the details today. It was the lack of discipline and details, which is one of the things we talked about. It just didn’t show up.” 

*You know things are going bad this season when Reshad Jones gets an interception, runs it back for nearly 40 yards and then fumbles it back to the opponent.*

Additionally, anytime 5’9 Danny Woodhead looks like he’s the reincarnation of Odell Beckham Jr., then there’s a problem.

Woodhead oddly enough was being covered by linebackers and he had his way because of his elusiveness and quickness. Woodhead ended up finishing with one of the games of his life as he had six catches for 50 yards and three touchdown scores. For good measure, Woodhead also had eight carries for 10 yards and another touchdown score because why not? Maybe only getting touchdown receptions were too easy.

This game was proportionately ugly as San Diego rolled Miami. San Diego scored 23 unanswered points and was working on winning the game with a shutout. That was until Miami waited until 1:32 left in the third quarter to finally put some points on the board. What hurts most about this loss is that Miami ended up getting rolled by a 3-10 team who recent;y lost eight of its last previous nine games. To make matters worse, this could potentially be the last game that the Chargers play in San Diego. Miami was the going away game for the San Diego faithful and they loved every second of their dismantling of Miami.

What was odd to see was the lack of a rushing game. Last week, we detailed how Miami’s a better team when they put the football in Lamar Miller’s hands. On the year, Miami is 5-0 when Miller has at least 13 carries or more. In contrast, they are 0-9 when Miller has less than 13 carries. This game Miller had only nine carries and Miami got trounced on the road.

“We just could never establish the run game and it affected everything else that we did,” said Campbell. “We couldn’t stop them, we couldn’t stay on the field on offense and it cost us.”

The good part about the game is that there are only two games left and then we get to relax from the Dolphins for a bit. Hopefully, they can rectify the situation and, at least, lose their next two games in order to get better draft picks because this team simply needs more talent.

D’Joumbarey A. Moreau covers sports in Miami-Dade & Broward County. You can follow him on Twitter@DJoumbarey.

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