Million words will be written and spoken!

The week of Jan 18th will mark two great events, the Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day and the 47th Inauguration. Democrats will control all three branches because Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff made history by winning their Senate race. The praise and recognition go to Stacy Abraham and the mayor of Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms who made possible for democrats to win Georgia and flipping the Senate.

Mr. President, we the Blacks, Latinx and Muslims mobilized and led millions of registered voters to the polling booths to secure and assured your victory. We humbly request you to stand with us and our communities who are hard hit by covid-19, poverty, racism, and police brutality. It is quite clear that your victory was possible due to our voting power.

Mr. President, as a Vice president under President Obama, democrats controlled both the White House and Congress. One does not need to re-write the history. But Mitchel McConnel and republicans treated President Obama very unjustly and not a single republican supported any legislation put forward by President Obama. They were adamant on making President Obama a one term president. Hence, there is no need to foster a good relationship with republicans neither reconciliation is necessary. What we need is accountability of providing material support, funding, and operational intelligence to White nationalist who committed the act of terrorism.

Mr. President do not squander the opportunity to enact legislations beside COVID-19 for Immigration reforms, climate change, return to Paris Climate agreement, health Care, Medicare for all, Green New Deal, student loans, end gerrymandering, voting rights, criminal justice reforms, and expanding the size of the Supreme Court to pack it with justices which Trump and Mitchel McConnell denied President Obama.

Mr. President, America is a great country that has suffered a great calamity in last four years of Trump, who is narcissistic, demagogue, extreme racist, liar, religious bigot, and fascist. Trump has committed treason and prosecuted for inability to control the pandemic.

Mr. President, last four years have been total failure of foreign policy, degraded our environment, increased inequality with tax cuts to billionaires and corporations, ballooned 1.7 trillion student debt, increased the mass deportations, mass incarceration, uncheck police brutality, corruption, school shooting, gun violence, rise in White Supremacist and I can go on and on.

Mr. President, I urge you not to ignore and to listen to the voices of people – Black, Latinos and Muslims who will lift you to the President, rather than to the powerful lobbies and special interest groups. Black, Latinos and Muslim gave you the Presidency and both houses.

Mr. President, if you want your legacy to live forever among the coming generations, please do not misuse this great opportunity. I believe you have the skills but swimming in these difficult time in the ocean full of powerful currants of White Supremacy and White privilege requires courage and determination. We are together in ocean, you sink we sink, you swim we swim with you.

Mr. President, talking about insurrection which was mobilized by Donald Trump and his enablers. Call truth to the power of this terrorist attack on the citadel of democracy. It’s treasonous act and sedition at best. If these rioters were Black, Latinx or Muslims there would be a battalion of police and national guards to protect the capitol, thousands would have been arrested and massacred on the Capitol steps. This is white privilege on steroids. The white privilege does not abide the law and make mockery of the justice system.

Mr. President, your justice department must investigate all involved to the fullest extent of law. There must be accountable of all those involved, and no one is above the law. The republican and the media who have remained silent or enabled Trump to have caused the insurrection. They have perpetuated racism, poverty, and war.

I end my piece with the link of famous speech of Dr. King in 1967 in Chicago on triple evils: War, Racism and Poverty. The Three Evils of Society:

Mr. President my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes as your mark this significant milestone and beginning of this new era. Congratulations on winning all three branches. May the journey you begin on Jan 20th, be fruitful, joyous, and successful. I hope you can deliver what you are promise! Looking forward to future rooted in justice and equity. We need a vision for the future, not a return to the past.

A Proud but Concerned citizen,

Mohammed Khaku

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