Mission: Sisterhood & Contagious Success

sissummit08Mission: Sisterhood & Contagious Success

By Arri Henry

Over mimosas and breakfast at the Marriott Stanton nestled on Ocean Drive South Beach, dozens of women from all shades to socioeconomic backgrounds shared the energy of transparency, encouragement and enlightenment. Eager for self-improvement or the chance to network, attendees learned sisterhood strengthening tactics and ways to improve their finances and health.

Shirlyon McWhorter, founder of the Sisterhood Summit aims to prove that there is no greater power than working collectively and investing in yourself through her annual “Sisters Success Summit” hosted by Happy Place Leadership Expert and Comedienne, Terri Crook.

“Having one’s priorities out of wack is another downfall of many women, particular women of color.” Shani Curry St. Vil, a personal finance expert and the “Purse Empowerment” video blogger, revealed that she often gets ridiculed by her friends for driving an older model car but finds solace that while under the age of 40, she and her husband have fully paid off their mortgage. She shared key tips to prioritizing how women should spend – “now money, next money and later money.”

Event mistress of ceremony, Terri Crook, shared how she reached her Happy Place in life by tackling obstacles head on with stern discipline and a circle of encouraging sisters who kept her focused on her goals. Her comedic flair balanced the tension for sensitive subjects. Crook feels that every woman should be actively working towards their own ‘happy place’.

Kay Dawson, Senior Pastor and teacher of Cathedral of Praise in Miami, FL, magnified the spirit of perseverance in the room with her transparency of being a woman of God with many forces focused on her downfall. Despite every setback, she struts with love and determination towards the plan God has for her life.

Dr. Alexandra Gherbali, dentist of her own private practice in Miami, provided insight on the important of dental hygiene and how it can affect other parts of the body and one’s confidence which is crucial when working towards progress. Without good health, success is not an option.

“Success is contagious, and if you become the best version of yourself, your sisters will aim for success as well (Sisterhood Summit 2017).” For more info on these summits and other women empowerment workshops, visit ShirlyonMcWhorter on Facebook and Instagram or www.shirlyonmcwhorter.com.



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