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Last week, I attended a series of networking events. One in particular stood out as I knew absolutely no one in the room. A room full of strangers can cause both stress and excitement. Personally, I was overwhelmed, but I managed to recall a few networking tips. The first tip is centered around looking for familiar faces that can provide personal introductions. Clearly that did not apply to this room, so I scanned the room for welcoming energy. I found Jamiee, a friendly guy who had been in this room with these people plenty of times over the years. As we engaged in conversation, I realized he was a true angel sent to tell me that mistakes in business will happen and that’s okay. His message was so simple yet so profound that I decided that every leader needed this reminder. I repeat, in business, in leadership, and in using your influence, you will make mistakes. Even with the ability to say no, use discernment or complete research, there will be mistakes. Don’t make the biggest mistake of waiting to be perfect before you get in the game.

    WHEN IN DOUBT SAY NO – I am still getting use to the power of saying no. Saying yes, all the time, can be costly both financially and mentally. Also, saying yes does not prevent mistakes. Often, it leads to mistakes like over promising and under-delivering. Additionally, saying no allows the person to find other solutions. And last, saying no allows you to provide honest feedback and alternative solutions if warranted. I would like to believe that saying no is empowering and could help avoid mistakes in leader.

    DISCERNMENT NEVER LIES – More and More, we realize that our gut feeling is an amazing internal compass. The Bible says that God gives discernment without regret, so tune in and explore your feelings. We always know better after the fact, but the reality is sometimes, we know better before the fact. Using your God given gift of discernment will allow you to avoid mistakes that are apparent.

    DO YOU RESEARCH – Almost every decision we make in leadership is like a mini marriage. There is a connection, an agreed upon contract and an expected commitment. But the ques-tion is do you make an emotional decision or were you motivated by facts. I always ask myself, what do the numbers show.

While everything listed above is nice and ideal, I urge you to not wait until everything is perfect to make a move. Even when you say no, use discernment or do your research, mistakes will be made. Back to Jamiee, he explained at the networker how he landed a business meeting with a big fish. He prepared to give an amazing presentation and was looking forward to impressing the potential client. Unfortunately, he presented on residential matters when the client to be was interested in commercial matters. It was laughable in the moment, but today, he is still alive. And he now knows that that mistakes are a humbling reminder that we are human, and I hope you are reminder of the same.

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