Mitt Romney just can’t stop himself

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Mitt Romney just can’t stop himself

By Sensible Sue

     Ann Romney’s plane had to make an emergency landing in Denver, Colo., last Friday afternoon. Apparenty, smoke filled the cabin of Mrs. Romney’s plane, which was already flying at an altitude of 40,000 feet when the flight tower was called and a person, presumed to be the pilot stated, “We have an electrical issue here and we’re going to declare an emergency.”

    According to Romney spokesperson Sarah Haley, the Canadair CL60 regional jet was forced into its unexpected and rather abrupt landing due to an electrical fire.

    Mrs. Romney, as well as the other passengers aboard the plane, landed safely and without injury, which was certainly good news, especially for folks who fly as a part of a daily or weekly commute and may already be a little skittish about flying.

    As grateful as we all are for the fact that Mrs. Romney is safe, I would be slipping if I failed to ask just what in the hell is wrong with her husband? Mitt Romney wants to be the President of the free world, but the man cannot even understand the laws of gravity, grade school physics, or even the most simple of principles related to aerospace dynamics.

    After Mrs. Romney’s plane landed safely, Mitt Romney told the Los Angeles Times, “I appreciate the fact that she is on the ground, safe and sound. And I don’t think she knows just how worried some of us were,” Romney said. “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly.” Romney continued on by providing this, “The biggest problem in a distressed aircraft is that ‘the windows don’t open’. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem. So it’s very dangerous.” What? Like seriously, what in the good name of Heaven is Romney talking about?

    Perhaps it is unreasonable to expect that a man that thought that strapping his poor dog to the roof of his car while he and his brood took a 12-hour ride to another country would have an under-standing as to why it is that the windows in an airplane just don’t roll down when it is 40,000 feet in the air. I mean, good Lord, someone should really inform Mr. Romney that sometimes it is just better for a person to keep his mouth shut. Like seriously, nobody at this point would fault Romney a bit for taking an opportunity, any opportunity, not to present himself as the jackass that he presents himself as being every time he speaks.


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