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Motherhood is unique in the politics of cultural evolution

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Motherhood is unique in the politics of cultural evolution

By Derek Joy

     And soon, it will be your day. . .

Mother’s Day is here. That time when all of America – and much of the world – will honor those so chosen to be a mother.

Yes. A mother is someone every human being on earth can identify with. For sure, because it ain’t like any of us just came like pennies from heaven, or two buzzards’ bumped rumps dropped us.

Like it, love it or lump it. We all were born of a mother. As such, our days on earth are numbered.

So, while we’re here, Mother’s Day is just one day in 365 days a year when we pay homage to the indispensable bearers of the burden of helping guide the destiny of cultural evolution. Mothers are no less.

Think about it.

From the mother comes the child. She toils as the family matriarch – caring for, nurturing, nursing, teaching and guiding the growth and development of her children.

Mothers more often than not, in one way or another, perform those same duties for children, other than her biological own.

,I like countless other people am so blessed with life. We learned of mother, sister, aunt, other female relatives and females of the world in general.

Learned those things and much more from a mother; the love they give their undeniable, unquantifiable value. Even learned some things about manhood; like being responsible.

Hence, Mother’s Day just intensifies the just rewards and attention bestowed on mothers.

A part of that focus should lend itself to how women have endured in the history of cultural evolution. It hasn’t been a breeze, nothing easy. No cake walk is motherhood.

Consider how the United States of America was born out of the Revolutionary War. Subjects of the British Empire rebelled against the Crown. Wanted their freedom and no taxation without representation.

In the whole sordid carnage, women were somewhat similar to slaves in that they did not have the right to vote.  Women were mothers and more but they did not have right to vote.

That came about when the 19th Amendment was ratified by Congress on August 8, 1920. And they are still fighting for equality in the workplace, in the business world and in politics, too. They serve, even die in combat zones.

Yes. There is truly ample reason to appreciate the mothers of the world and the role of motherhood. We wouldn’t be here without them. So, it is only fair to recognize them with honor and glad tidings.

Let them know how they are appreciated, how invaluable they are. Encourage them to forever be diligent in sharing the wealth of their experiences with the children of the world.

And so it is that I extend heartfelt, best wishes for a Happy Mother’s Day!


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