Motherhood often reflects the politics of political multitasking

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Motherhood often reflects the politics of political multitasking

By Derek Joy

It is that time again. . .

Mother’s Day!!!

There’s no denying it. The hardest of hardened criminals. Count the successful ones among us and everybody in between. Each was born to a mother.

That is one area where equality is quantifiable. A mother is a mother. So on this one day in the year when America sets its collective attention to paying homage to mothers.

See them as the invaluable, irreplaceable and so much more. Yes. They bear the children. Care for them, nourishing and nurturing, while balancing other demands in life.

An overwhelming majority of mothers are employed. Regrettably, women have yet to reach parity in America’s workforce. Yep. Women in the workplace earn about 77 cents for each dol-lar their male counterparts earn.

Sure seems like double duty within a dirty system. And they are exploited in the worst ways just to land and hold a job. No need to wonder why women who multitask as mothers and a job.

And the single mothers have even more tasks to balance.

All things considered, it is a special day for those special ones who have been blessed to be mothers. Think a-bout that collective power, strength.

Imagine what Florida Gov. Rick Scott would do if all the mothers of the state descended on the Capitol steps, making demands of some sort. Go a step further and make demands of every political incumbent and candidate.

Sure would make it difficult to treat mothers as second hand citizens. Moreover, such a force would almost certainly result in a higher voter turnout during the Mid- Term Elections.

And it just might set fire to the Black American community and its wishy washy, apathetic core of registered voters.  Might even make people of color aware of the power and value of the vote.

At any rate, take this special day to thank the mothers of the world. Cards and gifts are fine for the living, flowers and prayers for the deceased. Let your emotions do more, take flight in spirit to a higher level with mom.

Make her know just how much she is appreciated in every conceivable way. In short, show her undying love and affection.

Hence, from me to the mothers hereabouts, have a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!


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