Music of the Night – Andre Live

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Andre performing Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s “Music of the Night” from “the Phantom of the Opera” Live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The story takes place in Paris during the year 1865. Erik, the “Phantom of the Opera”, was said to be a real person. He was a musician who was horribly disfigured in an accident. His injuries were so frightening he had to live in the bowels of the sewer in Paris. One day he hears to voice of a beautiful young opera singer named Christine Daaé . He falls in love with her voice and later falls in love with her. He decides to kidnap her an take her to his magnificent world he created for himself in the sewer. Erik tries to force Christine into marriage. If she refuses he threatens to destroy the entire opera house using explosives he has planted in the cellars, killing them and everyone in the floors above. Christine continues to refuse, until she realizes that Raoul and an old acquaintance of Erik’s known only as “The Persian”, in an attempt to rescue her, had been trapped in Erik’s hot torture chamber. To save them and the people above, Christine agrees to marry Erik. At first, Erik tries to drown Raoul and the Persian in the water used to douse the explosives, stating that Christine doesn’t need another. But Christine begs and offers to be his “living bride”, promising him not to kill herself after becoming his bride, as she had both contemplated and attempted earlier in the novel. Erik rescues the Persian and the young Raoul from his torture chamber thereafter. When Erik is alone with Christine, he lifts his mask a little to kiss her on the forehead, and Christine allows him to do this. Erik, who admits that he has never before in his life received or been allowed to give a kiss — not even from his own mother — is overcome with emotion. Christine gives him a kiss back. He lets Christine go and tells her “Go and marry the boy whenever you wish,” explaining, “I know you love him”. She leaves on the condition that when he dies she will come back and bury him. Being an old acquaintance, The Persian is told of all these secrets by Erik himself, and upon his express request, the Persian advertises Erik’s death in the newspaper about three weeks later. The cause of death is revealed to be a broken heart, and as promised, Christine returns to bury Erik and she gives him the ring back.

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