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New Mt. Olive Baptist Church 99th Anniversary celebration

Pastor Marcus Davidson and Luereen Flournoy, who has been a member for 68 years.

Pastor Marcus Davidson and Luereen Flournoy, who has been a member for 68 years.

New Mt .Olive Baptist Church 99th Anniversary celebration

By Tony Thompson

      Occasion 2017, New Mount Olive Baptist Church

Giving Honor to God, our senior pastor, Dr. Marcus D. Davidson, our first lady, Sister Yvokia Davidson, our guest speaker, our Ministrial Staff, Church Officials, Members, Saints and Friends, Good Morning!

We celebrate our Church Anniversary because in 1918 eight former members of Piney Grove First Baptist Church decided to found a new church in this community which would become a safe harbor and beacon of light which has grown to a congregation with over 10,000 members.

Carrie Thomas, who has been a member for 84 years and Pastor Frank Kennedy, Jr.

Carrie Thomas, who has been a member for 84 years and Pastor Frank Kennedy, Jr.

We thank God for how He has Blessed Us!

When we look closely at our church history we realize that for more than half of those 99 years this church has been led by just three powerful and Dynamic preachers: Rev. George E. Weaver, from 1962 to 1982, a total of 20 years: Dr. Mack King Carter, from 1982 to 2009, a total of 27 years; and Dr. Marcus D. Davidson, from 2010 until the present for over seven years. That is a total of 54 years!

Certainly we are thankful to God for their dedicated leadership!

Recently at our 11 a.m. service we honoring 46 senior members who are 85-years-old and older. Their names are listed in today’s program and we want to thank each of them for the for their dedicated Christian Service to the New Mount Olive Baptist Church and we pray God’s blessings upon them!

Today I want to share with you what Mount Olive means to me:

M-motivated to serve mankind.

O-observing God’s Ten Commandments.

U-united for Kingdom Building.

N-never doubting God’s word.

T-thanking God eternally.

O-organized and committed.

L– loving God and our fellow man.

I-involved in our community.

V-virtuously praying.

E-experiencing God’s grace and mercy.

Today as we reflect on our past, we realize how blessed we truly are! Mount Olive, we are a proud and grateful church, serving a great God! May God continue to bless each of you on this our special day! Amen!

Today we honor our Senior members who are 85 years old or older. They are seated in a special section in the middle of the congregation. When I call your name please stand or raise your hand as  we want to present you with a token of our appreciation for your dedicated Christian Service to this great church!

Thank you! Let’s give them all a round of applause! May God Bless you all!

2017, 99th Anniversary of New Mount Olive Baptist Church Members 85 Years Old and Older

Thelma Aikens – 86

Freddie Mae Bell – 92

Ann Bouie – 88

Sumpter Bristol – 92

Tillie Adams Charlton – 86

James P. Cheever – 85

Ponzella Choice – 90

Rosetta Clark – 89

Deacons Electa Cone – 92

Hattie Mae Courley- 91

Carrie Dennis – 91

Cora Lee Etheridge – 94

Viola Fincher – 99

Luereen Flournoy – 102

Faye Franklin –

Charlotte Fullins – 91

Annie Mae Glover – 85

Annie Gregory – 95

Cornelius Grooms – 85

Ross A. Grooms – 97

Hazel Hankerson – 87

Olivia Harris – 91

Annie Hennings – 85

Pastor Levi Henry – 85

Oneather Holly – 89

Willie Horne – 88

Elouise Jamerson – 89

Willie Mae Johnson – 86

Dr.  Magdaline Lewis – 89

Willie Mae Martin – 88

Deacon Blanton Mitchell – 89

Doris Mitchell – 88

Clara Priester – 86

Annie Grace Rose – 88

Rosa Marie Saulsby – 90

Lillian Shield – 89

Mary Helen Shy – 88

Sarah Sloane – 93

Carrie Thomas – 99

Rosa M. Thornton – 85

Alberta Timmons – 87

Clain Triplett – 88

Sylvia Tullock – 88

Grace Vaughn – 91

Katherine Washington – 96

Andrew Williams – 87

Ruby Williams – 92

Samuel Williams – 85

Theodora Williams – 90


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