New study shows that poverty is steadily increasing in America

Poverty is steadily increasing in Amreica
Poverty is steadily increasing in Amreica

New study shows that poverty is steadily increasing in America

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     The fiscal cliff is set to disturb the livelihoods of millions of Americans as a deficit of $800 billion dollars is expected to rock our economy; but what about those who are already struggling? Reports show that when you calculate medical expenses, as well as work-related expenses, almost 50 million Americans currently live in poverty.

    The Census Bureau developed a supplementary measurement a year ago to better measure poverty in America. The new measurement includes taxpayer-provided benefits and living expenses. The data now shows that 16.1 percent of Americans live in poverty and that rural states like Mississippi, New Mexico and Louisiana are quite affect-ed.

    Data concerning the welfare of His-panic-Americans shows that 28 percent of Hispanics are affected by poverty as well as 16 percent of the Asian-American community. Black Americans showed a decrease in poverty by over two points, placing them now at 25.7 percent as a community.

Writer Hope Yen says, “In reaction to some of the criticism, the government in 2010 asked the Census Bureau to develop a new measure, based partly on recommendations made by the National Academy of Sciences.

    It released national numbers based on that formula for the first time last year. This year’s release features a 50-state breakdown on poverty, prompted in part by local officials such as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who have argued that the official measure does not take into account urban costs of living and that larger cities may get less federal money as a result.”

    Social Security, food stamps and refundable tax credits stop this country from completely teetering into poverty. Without Social Security or tax refunds, poverty in the U.S. jumps to 24.4 percent.


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