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News Release: School Board Approves Contract Extension for Superintendent Runcie

9172013_23955_0Today, the School Board of Broward County, Florida approved Superintendent Robert W. Runcie’s contract extension through October 4, 2019. Next month, Superintendent Runcie will have reached the second year of the original three-year Employment Agreement that took effect October 5, 2011.Among Superintendent Runcie’s accomplishments over the past two years: Opened the first public military academy for south Florida at Hollywood Hills High School in 2012;
  • Introduced the District’s Three-Year Strategic Plan, which was approved by the School Board on December 4, 2012;
  • Improved compliance with Class Size Reduction (CSR) mandates from 52.4% to 87.7%. This success allowed the District to provide a 2% salary increase for teachers and all staff in 2013; marking the first increase for employees in more than three years;
  • Repurposed District-owned facilities and expanded technical and vocational educations programs within the county; and
  • Launched the first phase of the District’s website redesign and a new mobile app in an effort to increase communication with District families.
“The District has made incredible strides over the past two years but there is much more work to be done,” said Superintendent Robert W. Runcie. “I look forward to continuing our focus on providing a world-class education to all students.”


Highlights of the First Amendment to the Superintendent’s Employment Agreement include:


  • The extension of the contract term through October 4, 2019;
  • Article 5.5, involving moving and transition expenses, has been deleted in its entirety;
  • Article 6.1, involving vacation leave days, has been amended to increase the number of days of annual leave from 24 to 29;
  • Article 9, involving the mid-year and annual evaluation of the Superintendent, has been amended to extend the dates later in the year, in order to provide ample time for annual student achievement data from the state to be received and incorporated within the evaluation;
  • Article 10, involving the Superintendent’s termination compensation, has been amended to be consistent with newly enacted legislation, capping such compensation to be equivalent to 20 weeks of salary. This amendment reduces the current terminal compensation provision by 32 weeks of salary, representing a 62% reduction.
In addition to the items listed above, the Superintendent did not request a salary increase as part of the contract negotiations process. “This is not just a job to me, it’s a mission,” said Superintendent Robert W. Runcie. “I thank my School Board for the opportunity to continue the progress.”

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