Nonviolence and trust

Tom H. Hastings

Xanax Buy Cheap By Tom H. Hastings

This week I joined others from my town in a State Department initiative called City Pair; in this case, “pairing” Portland, Oregon with both Montreal and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. It was illuminating.

We met with government officials and law enforcement–city, provincial, and national. We met with a research team looking at factors contributing to hate and political violence. The Portland team represented elected officials, police, the city equity lead, nonprofit leadership, and alternative methods of security (me).

Order Xanax Online Overnight Shipping So, my role should have been to tell the Canadians that my way is best, no violence, no threatened violence, no arms, only nonviolent means of keeping the public safe.

Cheap Xanax Bars That is my dream, of course. And that is what we work on in our Portland Peace Team. We are a member of a network of peace teams across the US and Canada.

However, we are based not just on nonviolence, but on trust. We thread some fine needles in that regard.

Get Alprazolam Online Do we claim we have all the answers? It’s the opposite; we claim no one has them all. Do we claim we can keep everyone safe if they just follow our lead? Gosh, no. That would define ignorance and arrogance.

Of course, arming agents of the state or private security offers no guarantee either. Indeed, doing so offers some additional risks, as we see in the figures of who gets shot by police, including disproportionate numbers of unarmed people of color, resulting in loss of tens of thousands of years of human lives.양양출장맛사지)⇪예약➥흥출장안마♥《카톡wyk92》◦(птк455.сом)[]2019-02-27-03-44◎⇔출장샵추천양양t양양오피tu양양[]✌◆[]양양[]✆미시출장안마 So, we are circumspect in making our assertions, which may not “sell” our nonviolent methods in a presentation or discussion, but it is instructive that those who request our services frequently reach out repeatedly. We must be providing some comfort to their leadership.

Xanax 1Mg Buy Online What we do is based on trust.

Groups trust that we are (for the purposes of the event) nonpartisan, nonviolent, and unaffiliated with police or any governmental agency at any level.

Alprazolam Online Ohne Rezept Media members trust that we will be all that and that we will remain calm and focused on the well-being of everyone. This is crucial because media will convey to the public the nature–nonviolent or not–of the participants in the event. This will directly contribute to recruiting more to the next event or alienating more and diminishing the numbers and effectiveness of the movement.

Police trust us to be all those things. We are never their agents, but we will liaise with them, on our own behalf and, if asked by the group requesting our presence, on their behalf as well.

Xanax Online Italia Do all the parties trust us from the get-go? Of course not; just as we teach our children, trust must be earned and protected carefully and with integrity–it can take a long time to develop and a short time to destroy. We often do peace team deëscalation trainings for an hour or so before a demonstration at which we’ve agreed to be. The people who come to be trained are those who are part of the group that invited us. So, my first question is, “Who considers themselves to be activists?”

All hands shoot up. “Not today,” I say. “Today you support your coalition in a different way, by being neutral and deëscalating conflict that seems headed out of control. That is the conflict that can harm the image and thus the recruiting power of your campaign.”

Order Alprazolam 2Mg Building trust is what our public discourse and decision-making is about. While Trump lies an average of 12 documented times each day and wrecks trust, millions of us average folks are working to rebuild it at every level. I return from beautiful Quebec with many new friends. Some may not agree with my methods, but we found trust amongst us, the foundation of possibilities.  

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