Nuclear Lie Threatens Democracy

John Johnson

By John Johnson II

America’s democracy has survived a Civil War, two major wars, countless terrorists’ attacks, and an insurrection. Consequently, how is it possible that the world’s greatest democracy is threaten with destruction by a lie that, “the 2020 presidential election was stolen?” This lie has exploded like a nuclear bomb. The aftereffects of this lie have caused Republicans and their base to pose a serious threat to democracy.

What’s even more amazing is that the narcissistic and unfit former 46th president of the U. S. concocted this lie in the White House surrounded by enablers.

One would tend to ponder if there could be so many gullible white people capable of believing this lie. Well, this question shouldn’t stress anyone because over seventy-five million people who voted for Trump during the 2020 presidential election believe that he won. For them, Biden is the illegitimate president. And the lie goes on and on!

Amazingly, white people of all persuasions propagate this lie. They are young, old, rich, poor, and in possession of degrees from prestigious universities. What’s even more preposterous, a majority of Republican senators and House members brazenly taut their lies live on national TV; thereby, distorting and polluting their constituents and children’s concepts of facts with alternative facts.

But creating lies to deny Black and Brown people their equal rights within this democracy aren’t new. Remember, to justify slavery, segregation, incarceration, and lynching, lies propagated by white supremacists ruled. The era of Jim Crow and the KKK are notably chronicled in America’s history books.

For example, white supremacists used the following lies to justify America’s inhumane treatment of Indigenous, Black, and Brown people: 1) they’re savages, 2) they’re only three-fifths human, 3) they’re inferior because their brains are smaller, 4) they’re cursed, 5) they’re criminals, and 6) they’re relying on affirmative action for advancement. Unfortunately, white supremacists continually harvest and communicate these lies daily to millions by way of social media.

Regrettably, America is very much at fault for the perilous situation it now faces. Since its founding as a country, lies were boldly inscribed within the U.S. Constitution itself.

Thomas Jefferson’s indelible words that, “All men are created equal,” were lies and an abomination. They were merely an affirmation of white supremacy for white men.

Now as America seeks to reckon with the gruesome lies of the past and the current nuclear lie, it may be necessary to recall Galatians 6: 8, “You reap what you sow.”

Sadly, America is still sowing racism and discrimination. Four white men were guilty of committing voter fraud. Of the four, three received probation and the fourth served three days in jail.

However, Pamela Moses, a Black woman, didn’t receive any heart felt leniency. Ms. Moses, thinking that her felony probation had ended, merely registered to vote after receiving a certificate of approval from probation officials, but never cast a ballot. She sits in jail after receiving a 6-year prison sentence. President Biden should use the same kind of courage used to order the recent deadly terrorist strike to grant Ms. Moses a full pardon.

Any Country that fails to protect itself from both foreign and domestic terrorist/insurrectionists, as former President Lincoln proclaimed in his Gettysburg Address, “shall not long endure.”



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