Your One Vote in the 2018 Mid-Term Election Can End TRUMP’S Revolution!

Letter to Editor

Buy Shalina Diazepam Your One Vote in the 2018 Mid-Term Election Can End TRUMP’S Revolution!

By James J. Hankins

We have come this far by faith and marching. Excerpt from my book “What We Blacks Need To Do”. The power of marching together. We made progress under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and other leaders because they responded to ignorant, gutter profanity and racist actions with intellectual speeches and non-violent “direct” actions. Our most powerful elected Black leaders, The Congressional Black Caucus, must lead this “bold” movement by publicly standing up to TRUMP with one voice.

They must all attend the State of the Union address, stand up and walk out one at a time when TRUMP starts speaking. We are not turning our other cheek this time. Our other Black leaders must teach, preach and guide our people in voter education and registration.  Our churches must use their buses and vans to drive our people to their polling place and go inside to watch the process and the treatment by poll workers. We all must work hard to get at least three people to register and make sure three more registered voters go and vote. U.S. House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, must question why TRUMP met with six White men to help decide the immigration policy.

The TRUMP revolution will not stop, we the everyday people must stop it. The only three non-violent solutions to stop his dictatorship are education, registration and voting. We, the people, can end TRUMP’S revolution on Tuesday November 6, 2018!!!


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