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Open with Mosaic Phuzion young adult ministry of First Baptist Church Piney Grove

Mosaic Phuzion

Open with Mosaic Phuzion young adult ministry of First Baptist Church Piney Grove

Submitted Mosiac Phuzion of FBCPG

     It is said that young adults (18-35 years of age) today are the most unchurched generation. In many cases, it’s not that they’re walking away from church – they never went. From the view of many young adults, there’s not much relevance, and most young adults are not about to take the risk of walking through the door to find out otherwise.

    Mosiac Phuzion is  for those who have dared to walk in the church doors feeling ridiculed, left out, insufficient or deemed inferior to the body of Christ because of  personal or professional experiences and ideas, which ultimately creates apprehension or dissolving any desire to seek a spiritual connection with Christ. All of their lives they were told they were made in the image of God. Yet today, they still can’t seem to see themselves in many of today’s churches.

    Over all, young adults do have the desire to be spiritual and build a stronger bond with Christ, but they want to be able to trust, feel welcomed, and most importantly find relevance, support and importance through the spirit and the Word of Jesus Christ in the church.

    In a bold move to reconnect and engage the young adults of our congregation including with the young adults within Broward County and surrounding areas, First Baptist Church Piney Grove has created “Mosaic Phuzion.” Mosaic Phuzion is a self-directed spiritually comprehensive ministry designed to reach young adults between the ages of 18-35, who are united together around the common and relevant issues they face as young men and women.  Mosaic Phuzion Ministry also encourages young adults to have a more personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

    During months of research, prayer and study, members of the young adult ministry formulated a three-part succession entitled, “Open Mic”, Thirsty for Christ Bible Study, and Intimate Praise. The Open Mic affair is designed to allow and bring together young adults who want to express themselves through but not limited to song, dance, and comedy (any other forms of expression is also welcomed). This is a free event and welcomes all young adults who want to have a good time and receive a meaningful message. This takes place on the first Friday of each month. 

    Thirsty for Christ Bible Study and Intimate Praise allows young adults to engage in an intimate praise and unique worship experience in an open and honest way to express themselves like never before, respectfully.  Each of the 3-part sessions is intended to actively employ young adults towards a deeper understanding of Christ, self and with one another. 

    The goal is to have every young adult from the north, south east and west unite together as one body in Christ. Mosiac Phuzion is open to all. Come and join the movement of Young Adults for Christ Jesus. We will not stop until Christ returns. Meet us every Thursday from 6:30 p.m. until 8 p.m. at First Baptist Church Piney Grove to be a part of the movement for Christ and to become one as a Mosaic Phuzion who are true believers of Christ possessing love for all.

    Dr. Derrick J. Hughes, Pastor of First Baptist Church Piney Grove describes Mosaic Phuzion as a creative and artistic way needed to enlightened our young adults and move them closer to having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

 Testimonials about Mosaic Phuzion:

    Open Mic: Friday, Feb. 1, 2013 included spoken word, singing and reading of short stories all centered on becoming closer to Jesus Christ. There was also an opportunity for open discussions on a trusting and comfortable platform.  Participants were free to voice their own opinions with no fear of being held accountable for wrong responses. This gave everyone a chance to be heard, express relevant concerns and development understanding for Christ Jesus!

    Attendee states: “I never felt so open and free. The ability to express myself and have others like me in my age group share their concerns, thoughts and feelings about personal struggles   and struggles as a Christian holds true to the experience intended by this ministry”.


Our Most recent event Open Mic, March 1, 2013

    “I am using Mosaic Phuzion ministry and events to help guide me back to the church. I do not have a church home and I haven’t been in a church for quite some time. I hope to continue to attend meetings and e-vents in hopes of rebuilding my relationship with the lord and church”, says 27-year-old male, Garon. 

    Joni age 33 female states “it’s about time that there is a ministry that targets young adults that encourages other young adults to embrace Christ”.

    “This sort of thing resonate enough to get young adults pulled in and inspired in Christ”, says Tron 29 year old male. He adds that he invited a few male friends who could not make it but will reassure them they definitely missed out.

    Tiani age 17 female has been to all three Open Mic events and has seen it grow and get better. She feels that it is nice that there is something for us.

    We invite you to join us here at First Baptist Church Piney Grove for worship services every Sunday 7:30 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. We offer midweek Bible study for all ages beginning at 6:30 p.m. You may look us up on, Rev. Dr. Derrick J. Hughes, Pastor.


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