Paid to lose

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Lucius Gantt
Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

Paid to lose

By Lucius Gantt

      Do you ever wonder why you get the same political emails and direct mail pieces over and over again?

Most Black voters are registered Democrats but any Black person that contributed to President Barack Obama’s election or reelection campaigns will get at least four or five emails a week encouraging you to vote for anybody, devil or angel, Democratic that runs for office as a Democratic candidate.

We get emails but white folk get all of the campaign money!

Democrats must understand Black voters didn’t turn out in record numbers to vote for Democrats, Black voters turned out in high numbers in President Obama’s first election to vote for a “Black” President.

In President Obama’s election to serve another four years, Blacks turned out in relatively high numbers because Republicans in Congress and in state legislatures were doing all they could to suppress, curtail and deny Black voters their Constitutional right to cast a ballot for the candidates of their choice.

Now, back to the emails.

No matter how many times Democratic candidates send you emails begging you to send them money to pay white consultants or to buy media on white owned broadcast stations, web sites and newspapers, the Democratic candidates will continue to lose because Democrats are politically insane!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this about your favorite political party but the truth is the truth whether Black voters like it or not!

Some people describe political insanity as doing the same thing year after losing year and expecting different election results. I just say the campaign plans and election plans devised by high paid Democratic consultants is “mad”, “crazy” and exudes senselessness!

Even though Democrats, in Florida for instance, have been losing statewide and local elections since the early 1980s even though there are more registered Democrats in the Sunshine State than there are Republicans and Independents.

The high paid Democratic consultants can make $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000 a month and get 15% commission on placing millions and millions of dollars in advertising. They can also get free housing, a free car to drive, free food, free cell phones and whatever else they ask for.

They get all of that to advise Democrats to “be more Republican than Republicans”. They tell Democrats to be ultra conservative, to be silent on issues of importance to their Black and organized labor bases and to spend every dollar you can until the weekend before the election and if there is anything left throw some political crumbs to any dark skinned person that will take it because all Blacks look alike!

No matter how much money Black people contribute to Democratic candidates, the National and state democratic parties will never hire professional Black political consultants, they will never make meaningful political ad buys with Black owned media and they will never respect the Black votes that Democrats must get in order to win any race including a rat race!

Yes, Democrats use the same consultants every year and when they lose they say, “Blacks didn’t turn out to vote”!

They should be saying the dumb a?? consultants they hire failed to deliver a winning campaign again!

Perhaps America’s highly paid Democratic consultants are paid to lose!



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