Penn State’s dirty little secret

Sensible Sue’s Rhetoric

Penn State’s dirty little secret

By Sensible Sue


    This week Penn State was slapped with some of the toughest fines and penalties that have ever been seen by anyone that knows anything about sports. I mean the bottom line is that Penn State got rolled like nobody has ever been rolled before. The NCAA threw the book, the kitchen sink, well heck, they threw the dang house at them. I would have to guess that the ghost of Joe Paterno is somewhere between Heaven and Hell right now, asking himself if it was worth harboring and protecting the freakish and child molesting Sandusky all of the years that he did.

    If ever there was a situation where we can all just look in and say that nobody won here, this would have to be it, but what I simply cannot wrap my mind around is the reaction of the general public, especially the reactions of the people out there who do not believe that it is right that Joe Paterno’s reputation has been tarnished. Honestly, if his legacy has been lost, and his statue has been removed from the grounds of Penn State, his family should consider the fact that death has been kind to him, because if he was alive, he would more than likely be brought up on charges and joining his friend Sandusky in the pokey.

    In reality, Joe Paterno, by right, should harbor the bulk of the responsibility if anyone out there is interested in actually looking at truth and reality and accepting them both for what they are. Look, there is nothing but a little slice of tragedy to had by everyone involved here, because the reality of this situation is that San-dusky did not just wake up one day and decide that he was going to be a pedophile. Folks don’t just pick up pedophilia like a common cold. San-dusky is a very sick man, and he has been a sick man for a very long time.

    For all we know, Sandusky just may have encountered a family member or a family friend that might have been a little touchy touchy when he was a child, and he has been living with that dirty little secret for years. Therapy is needed and should be required for folks who have lived through that kind of a nightmare, and it just may be that Sandusky never got the help that he so desperately needed.

    Now with all of that being said, there is not now, nor will it ever be a good excuse for the things that Jerry Sandusky did to all of those young boys, but we should consider the fact that no rational, reasonable, or sane person would choose to engage in those types of behaviors. Now Joe Paterno on the other hand, was in full control of his faculties. He knew exactly what he was doing when he chose to cover up the crimes of Jerry Sandusky.

    For Paterno to have the knowledge that there was a sexual deviant and predator on his staff, and that even after being caught, this freak of nature was still sodomizing young boys, and he not only turned a blind eye to it all, but engaged in an elaborate scheme and build a solid house of lies to keep all of this hidden for so many years, should curdle the blood of anyone who knows the story.

    Paterno had a choice to make between protecting children from the abuse of a man who obviously needed the help of a team of mental health professionals, or protecting his beloved football program. Now let’s see here, countless young men and their families will have to live with the trauma caused by Sandusky, had to take a back seat to football, because of the selfish, demented, and disturbing decision of a coach that an entire community crowned as some sort of a God.

    Listen people, Paterno broke the law, and he did so to protect his perceived legacy, and a football dynasty, and he did not give a damn about any of the lives that were ruined in the process of living all of the lies that he manufactured. For those who claim that Paterno was such an honorable man, you really need to consider all that has been revealed before you fix your lips to hold him up again. Penn State got exactly what it deserved, and hopefully the punishment that the school got will send a strong message to colleges everywhere that they too will be held accountable for their actions when their officials consciously choose to break the law.

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