Perception lends perspective to the politics of progress

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Perception lends perspective to the politics of progress

By Derek Joy

The San Antonio Spurs set the sporting world abuzz. Did so with their impressive dismantling of the Miami Heat in five games.

It was their fifth title in 17 years under Coach Greg Popovich.  Redemption of sorts for the disheartening loss in last year’s finals that gave the Heat its second consecutive NBA Championship.

Now, fans and pundits ponder and speculate on what went wrong, what the Heat should do with its roster and so on.

Sure, the Spurs are talented.  Always have been.  And yes, their perimeter shots fell like pennies from heaven. Happened that way for the Heat as they made four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals.

While the Spurs soundly whipped the Heat to win its fifth championship, they have yet to reach the NBA Finals four consecutive years.  Not many franchises have achieved that feat.

Still, the Spurs deserve the fruits of their labors and all the accolades that goes with being a champion again. They did it their way. Left a few valuable coaching lessons along the way.

Meanwhile, there are the raging political wars at every level of government.

Republicans in Congress saw their House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) ousted in a primary by political novice Dave Brat, a college professor.

Seems Cantor preferred the halls of wealth and power of Washington to a stump in his district on election.  The voters sent him and other incumbents a very stern message.  Kicked his uppity butt to the political curb.

The same fate could very well await Florida Governor Rick Scott in his re-election bid.

Of course, Democrats might find that to be easier said than done since its top contender refuses to debate his main challenger.

Could be that former Governor Charlie Crist, the Republican turned Independent, turned Democrat, fears potential damage in a debate with former State Legislator Nan Rich.

Some see that strategy as a feather in Scott’s campaign cap. Democrats running from each other rather than taking the usual political path to an election.

One thing appears obvious.  Scott, Crist and Rich don’t mirror the coaching strategies employed by winning franchises such as the Spurs and Heat. Those teams met their challenges head on knowing the outcome could only be victory or defeat.

Instead, Scott, Crist and Rich choose to follow the back woods road, running from challenges while seemingly favoring chicanery of every kind. Their interests tend to focus on being something less than a competitor, true champion.

The question for voters to ponder is whether or not such an approach by a politician will lead to disasters and scandals once they are in office. They’ll tap dance around the question, tiptoe through the tulips.

And the citizenry will be left wanting after having been sold another political bill of goods.  Check that out!



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