Pick Fast and You’re Sure to Live the Past

Trails in the Sand by Peter Traciet, the Street Detective

Though the faces on the Board are fresh, Pete is finding that old habits die a hard death for some. Nora Rupert is the only Board member who has been on the dais for more than a decade.  The second oldest, Board Chair Lori Alhadeff has been there a little over four years. The Street Detective is finding that despite having little experience in the superintendent selection process, the two PhDs who are new to the Board are not at all interested in learning to play well in the sandbox. They are in the sandbox but are making every attempt at gathering all the toys to themselves and making rules to ensure they get the best sand and more play time than the others.

Peter Traceit has snooped that Board chair Alhadeff is not in a super rush to select a permanent superintendent.  Like a few other Board members, Alhadeff seems to be enjoying the calm after the storm that lasted the last two years. But there are some, for selfish reasons who are pushing the sand to get their way.

Sleuthing ain’t easy, but someone has to do it. The dirt Ol Pete has gathered reveals that the district needs to heal its wounds, mend relationships and that is exactly what Interim Superintendent, Earlean Smiley is trying to do. She has rolled up her sleeves and gotten straight to work. Sources are telling Peter Traceit that the community also wants the Board to take their time with the search and allow the Interim Super to massage the district culture so that the permanent super doesn’t walk into a sandstorm of chaos and confusion.

So, Ol’ Peter is going to reiterate what was said last week.

Let students and parents enjoy their June graduations. The Board should use this time to research what a sound process for the selection of a superintendent should entail. The selection process should commence late September/Early October and final selection should be completed around February or March  of 2024. This process, though it may seem long, positions a new superintendent to come into Broward with a clean slate instead of a dirty mess.

Whether the process is hurried or slow-cooked, Peter Traceit, The Street Detective will continue dragging the sand bringing you news you can certainly use.

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