Political deception often clouds the politics of education

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Political deception often clouds the politics of education

By Derek Joy

     As the hip-hop lyrics went, “U can’t touch dis!”

    And so it is in the aftermath of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Talk passes, much like everywhere else in America, on southern winds.

    “Everybody is talking about the Convention” said my niece, Arndra Jefferson-Woody, a child healthcare worker.  “People really liked Obama’s speech. And they’re talking about his wife’s speech, too.”

     Of course, it is easy to see that the talk isn’t all positive. Even without the opposition from Republicans, whose National Convention went on in Tampa amid the damage of Tropical Storm Isaac only a week earlier, nothing is perfect.

    President Barack Obama sorta punctuated the moment with just such a declaration. He effectively, in a moment of eloquence, disarmed his critics and galvanized supporters.

    Granted, I am counted among people of color, which gives rise to the perception that my view is biased. Not so. Pure and simple, I am objective.

    Republicans didn’t have the charisma brought to the DNC by First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton or the President himself. Not even a worthy comparison to DNC Chair, Broward Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    Naw. . . “U can’t touch dis,” is what the DNC should be saying to the RNC.

    However, it remains to be seen whether or not that is the case when the dust has settled, and the smoke as cleared following the Nov. 6, General Election.

    Obviously, the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Republican Ticket will go gung ho to oust Obama and Joe Biden from office.  That’s just politics. So folks will have to be mindful of the half-truths and blatant deceptions.

    Funny thing happened with each of the aforementioned speakers at the DNC. Each speaker took my mine back a week when Florida Memorial University hosted the swearing in ceremony of Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert III, Councilwoman Lillie Odom and Councilman David Williams, Jr.

    Williams is intent on building on and expanding the successes enjoyed from the benefits of science and engineering programs’ in five of the 21 elementary schools located in Miami Gardens.

    “Why should we have to go outside our community for science and engineering programs,” Williams asked. “We’ll have a science fair like last year. Elementary school children can develop a project and defend it against upper level science students and teachers.”

    Expanding to reach each of the 21 elementary schools in Miami Gardens would be a noble accomplishment. And, so, too, would the reality of all of America, at least objectively listens to Obama without regard for political affiliation – just for once thinking of the good of the nation.

    And if that is done a number of political deceptions on the oart of Republicans would become abundantly clear.

    For instance, everybody knows the economic downturn began in the latter stages of the George W. Bush/Dick Chaney Administration. The pirates had driven the American economy to near ruin.

    They had also destroyed the budget surplus left by Clinton, entered two wars – Iraq and Afghanistan – without just provocation and with little results. Believe it or not, Republicans showed unmitigated gall to blame Obama and the Democrats for it all.

    Yet, Republicans did not counter with any viable alternatives. And they make no mention of the empty fruits of their labors in corralling Osama bin Laden.

    No. That feat is clearly the accomplishment of Obama’s Administration.

    So, as the political rhetoric heats up in the coming seven weeks or so remember and consider those facts. And do consider the length of time it takes to reverse any governmental catastrophe.

    And with constant obstacles presented by the evil-doers of American politics, that cycle is lengthened considerably.

    Even elementary school children can see the deceptions created by the Republicans to help Romney and Ryan defeat Obama and Biden. All designed to help the wealthy further enslave people of color, middle class America and the American poor.


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