Political elections turn on the politics of political capitalism

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Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Political elections turn on the politics of political capitalism

By Derek Joy

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After the talk, hype and pomp and circumstance the NFL Draft is finally over. Some got draft-ed. Some didn’t. Others have signed as free agents. And still others are trying to find a team interested in their skill sets.

Meanwhile, the mid- term elections are reaching out for the next level. The race for governor is really heating up.

Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Republican supporters are having a ball attacking Democratic Gubernatorial frontrunner Charlie Crist, the former Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat.

In return, Crist has launched his share of missiles at Scott and the Republican Party of Florida, who promulgate the premise of “We eat what we kill.”

Well, now. People of color just may find themselves being served for dinner as usual. Perhaps, no breakfast, lunch or dinner. Par for the course in recent years. Less and less and less.

All the while, the connoisseurs’ delight, and turkeys, too, go the ’Northern Pork Choppers.’ Shameful how those obscure little areas in the panhandle, north and central Florida continually get the cream of the crop.

For sure, the ethnic politics game goes on. Pandering and all. People of color see it, suffer from it and live with little of hope of any immediate relief.

Ah, yes. Now comes the campaign stomps. Speeches. The kind of rhetoric that makes one wonder. So much so that the mega hit by the legendary Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin begs a political answer to the musical question: “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

True. The political rhetoric won’t faze some, while others may get taken in. And still others just might see through the chicanery and skullduggery being perpetrated on them.

Of course, there are always the apathetic. The ones who have lost all hope of relief because of the benign neglect of the political incumbents and their supporters. They want what they want and get what they can.

The disenfranchised get little or nothing in the process amid blatant lies of manipulative deception magnitude.

Such is obvious. What’s even more obvious is the lack of effort on the part of people of color in elected office. They seemingly tow the line so as not to lose any of the creature comforts and perks.

Consequently, there is no need to wonder why apathy is so destructively infections in the Black American community.  No need to wonder what can be done about it.

The answer is quite simple. Rise up against the ills of greed that has engulfed those who supposedly represent you in public office at all three levels of government.


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