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Political pandering reflects the politics of mass confusion

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Political pandering reflects the politics of mass confusion

By Derek Joy

Mercifully, the Major League Baseball season has come to a sparkling end for the woeful Miami Marlins, whose 100 losses nearly matched the franchise record of 107 losses.

Marlins owner Jeffey Loria has managed to make his team the embarrassing laughingstock of MLB, saw a conclusion of note when Henderson Alvarez pitch a no-hitter in the final game of the season.

The Marlins finished with a 62-100 record, only days after Loria fired his president of baseball operations, Larry Beinfest.  Too bad you can’t fire owners.

And too bad Loria has consistently wrecked his team by trying to figuratively paint the some what athletic masterpieces equal to his fancies as an art collector/dealer

Loria’s meddling and underhanded shenanigans to get his Marlins Park built largely at public expense is much like what goes on these days in the Halls of Congress and in the Florida State Legislature.

Just look at them in Congress.  That’s where the devil is really busy getting the Tea Party to force the House Republicans to threaten the first shut down of the Federal Government in 17 years.

All over the funding of the Health-care Reform Legislation called Obamacare. Holding America hostage to gain personal political profit at the expense of the wellbeing of America and its citizenry.

Just as shameful, scandalous and scurrilous is how Loria has drive the Marlins into Major League Baseball purgatory.

It is no less shameful, scandalous and scurrilous what House Democrats have done in the Florida Legislature.

Happens so the Republicans could only be accused of throwing rocks and hiding their hands in the latest political flap in Tallahassee.  This time the culprits are the Democrats, who hastily ousted their incoming minority leader.

And just like that, by a vote of 29-12, the 44 Democrats in the 120 member Florida State House of Representatives elected Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach to succeed outgoing Rep. Perry Thurston (Pompano Beach) as minority leader.

Rep. Darryl Roussan of St. Petersburg was ousted earlier by a vote of 24-17 for reportedly engaging in divisiveness by consulting only seven House members in opening a campaign account for the 2014 elections candidates,

The divisive allegations are really a smoke screen meant to hide the real purpose behind it all – money and power that is driven by racism.

What Democrats just said with their actions is that Whites won’t work with Blacks, won’t contribute as much money and aren’t as likely to vote for Democrats in the 2014 elections unless one of their own is the minority leader.

Even more haunting is the lack of employment and income declared by Pafford, who got his start in politics working as a driver for then Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Nelson, Florida’s Senior Senator.

He later worked for Nelson’s U. S. Senate Office before winning a seat in the Florida State House of Representatives. His rather meteoric rise to House Minority Leader speaks volumes for potential corruption when Pafford shows no employment or source of income beyond the paltry $24,000 annual salary of State legislators.

Consequently, shouldn’t voters raise concerns about actions of the Florida State Legislature and Congress, too?


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