Political perception spans the politics of political shenanigans

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

Political perception spans the politics of political shenanigans

By Derek Joy

And look at them now. . . Scoundrels we call U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, Governors, State Legislators and on and on.

Scoundrels with little more than political rhetoric and little substance.  Democrats and Republicans.

Sure. Republicans can gloat over their victories in seizing a majority of Senate seats and increasing their majority in the House.  In so doing, they somehow manage to see a need to ad-dress the overwhelming issue of immigration reform.

Funny thing is how, even with a Congressional majority, Republicans still seem hell bent on playing the blame game rather address the problem head on.

Trouble is that same approach is likely to continue with other issues.  Democrats blaming Republicans and Republicans blaming Democrats.  This is how the so called best qualified politicians go about building a better, stronger America.

The story is pretty much the same in Florida, which is one of seven states most impacted by immigrations – legal and illegal.

Through it all, neither Democrat nor Republican has given the public one just and logical reason why Cuban immigrants have the benefit of the “Wet foot, dry foot” policy.

Cubans need only set foot on American soil to qualify for immigration.  Seldom are Cuban immigrants repatriated. So, why aren’t other immigrants given the same protections?

First hand examples of the kind of discrimination perpetrated by the American government.

Consequently, Black Americans come to grips first hand with the institutional racism and discrimination perpetrated against them by the American government.

Just like that, immigrants land, get jobs and enjoy the benefits that are routinely denied Black Americans.  Black American unemployment rates are still higher than other ethnic groups.

Without a doubt, Black Americans are still arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison at a much higher rate than other ethnic groups.  Black Americans are also shot and killed by police at a much higher rate than any other ethnic groups.

Yet little is ever done to rectify these problems.  Why?

One of the haunting problems is that supposedly government in the sunshine is increasingly given the protections to secretly conduct the public’s business.  Citizens can vote, but have little access to what really goes on in the halls of government.

One would think that politicians would want public oversight of how they conduct the public’s business.  Instead, they persist at perpetuating secrecy, leaving the public to speculate on all the wrongdoing that secrecy covers up.

Honest people have nothing to hide in secrecy.  So, why should elected officials hide honesty in secrecy unless there really is unscrupulous and illegal dealings?



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