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Political skullduggery permeates the politics of public service

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Political skullduggery permeates the politics of public service

By Derek Joy

     Politics. Power. Profit. And personal gain. All are obvious in the political skullduggery in Congress that is crippling America. Politics at its worst.

Public service is not supposed to punish and penalize the citizenry. It should never go unnoticed when public servants engage in all sorts of political chicanery to the detriment of the American public.

But that is precisely what the scoundrels in Congress are doing. Making power grabs for personal and political profit. Profiteering while the jobs they’re paid to perform fade by the wayside.

“Ultimately, the Republicans shut down the federal government because of their opposition to Obamacare,” said Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson, (Dem., Dist. 24). But Obamacare is law of the land because of the democratic process.

“A majority of the House and Senate voted for the Affordable Care Act, the President signed and the Supreme Court upheld it. Republicans have tried unsuccessfully 45 times to repeal the law. They cannot repeal it by holding the U. S. Congress and the U. S. economy hostage.” No matter the reality of Wilson’s words, Republicans persist at manufacturing explanatory excuses for their political skullduggery.

Senator John Cronyn (R, Tex.), while appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” said: “We want some controls on this out of this world spending.”

Funny how Republicans failed to say such things as Haliburton ran wild securing the lion’s share of no bid contracts in Iraq. Didn’t say anything at all while the Republicans drove the American economy to the brink of collapse.

I mean, they claimed innocence when the American economy spiraled into a depressive state. Now, they want some controls on spending.

Wilson was on the money in her perspective. Republicans are holding the American economy hostage. It’s all designed to reap personal and political profit at the public’s expense.

“The full faith and credit of the American government is not negotiable,” said Congresswoman Marcia Fudge (Dem., Ohio), while appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press. That’s the gamble being taken by Republicans. Legal and moral obligations demand they pass the budget or shut the entire federal workforce down, including their staffs and support employees.

This hold despicable drama makes it clear why Republicans in the Florida State Legislature are waging such a hellacious legal battle to maintain legislative privilege rather submit themselves, along with staffs, to answer questions about the redistricting process.

Happened elsewhere in America. Tea Party Republicans have claimed a number of relatively safe Congressional Seats, comfortably drawn in Districts that favor Republicans.

Terribly, so in Florida where registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans. Yet, Republicans form an overwhelming majority in both Houses of the Florida State legislature.

Political chicanery, it is. Skullduggery, too. Very definitely something to remember in the 2014 Elections and beyond.


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