President Obama enjoys finding America funny and making it laugh

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

President Obama enjoys finding America funny and making it laugh

By Roger Caldwell

President Obama is a funny Black man, and in the next chapter of his life he may become a comedian. Our president has always used comedy to get his message to his constituents, and there is always a big smile in many of his photos and pictures.

In the Daily Beast, Dean Obedallah says, “Simply put: Obama is the greatest president ever in terms of using comedy. I can already hear the outrage to my comment from the right, but objectively speaking, Obama has truly redefined the way presidents use comedy.”

Objectively speaking, most white folks don’t realize that 85 percent of Black men in the African American community think they are funny. Black men learn from their fathers that in order to get a fine woman, they have to keep her laughing. So from an early age Black men learn how to tell jokes and President Obama has a fine black woman, so he knows how to tell a good joke.

President Obama understands the tradition of Black comedy, and I am sure that our president has listened to Black comedy albums, such as Red Fox, Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor. The first thing that Black boys learn is to play the Jones, and talk about someone’s mother, family, and how they look. Black folks learn to laugh and this has helped our community survive the madness and insanity of America.

President Obama has always learnt to laugh at himself, when things are going good, and when things are going bad. Our president does not take himself too serious, so he can poke fun at himself and everything around him.

“There’s nothing more effective and satisfying than causing a room full of people to laugh at your opponents or their views,” says President Obama. In this year’s 2014 White House Correspondent Diner the president was extremely funny, and in rare form. The WHCD is 100 years old and each year the president opens the diner by poking fun at himself, the different media networks, and both political parties’ leaders.

The invited guests are leaders from the media, celebrities, politicians, and successful sports athletes. It is a formal affair, and the women dress up in gowns and the men dress up in tuxedos, and everyone has a good time as the president tells jokes about his last year in office.

President Obama opened up the diner with some one-line zingers, by telling some jokes about how rough 2013 was for him and his administration. “At one time things got so bad that the 47.9 percent called Mitt Romney to apologize. We also rolled out and that could have gone better. And in 2008 we said yes we can, and in 2013 we said control, alt, delete.”

The guest seemed to have a good time, because everyone was laughing and the president was cool and comfortable. Without a doubt the president has experience with delivering a punch line and his timing is exceptional. President Obama is always ready for hecklers when he gives a speech, so he knows how to shut them down.

The entire set was extremely funny and I particularly enjoyed when the president made a joke about Cliven Bundy, “As a general rule, things don’t like end well if the sentence starts, ‘Let me tell you something I know about the Negro. You don’t really need to hear the rest of it. Just a tip for you, don’t start your sentence that way.”






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