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President Obama is not stopping until new gun law is signed

Roger Caldwell

President Obama is not stopping until new gun law is signed

By Roger Caldwell

     Two weeks ago, I wrote an article that ended with this paragraph: “There is no reason that young men need an arsenal of assault weapons in their homes with high-capacity magazines. There is a pervasive sickness with guns in our society, and our leaders must have the courage and integrity to pass laws that control the purchase of guns, and protect everyone in our society.”

    President Obama is listening and he is using every legal strategy to get both Houses in Congress to pass legislation to control the sale and the effects of gun violence in our society. Last week the Senate passed a bipartisan firearm bill that would subject nearly all gun buyers to background checks, add muscle to federal laws barring illicit firearm sales and provide more money for school safety measures.

    It has been four months since the Newtown massacre, and the president has utilized some family members to lobby for congressional action. There were 11 family members that came to Washington on Air Force One to help shame lawmakers to take action on gun control. The family members held private meetings with the lawmakers and had a two-hour breakfast with Vice President Biden. The Newtown families are pushing for background checks to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from buying guns, and they want a provision to limit the capacity of gun magazines.

    When the vote was taken last week, the Newtown families sat in the gallery and the vote was 68 to 31. This action from the president was unprecedented in Washington, and it proves that the president has the courage and perseverance to change the paralysis and inaction in the Congress. The fight is just starting, because there will be weeks of debate in the Senate, and then the bill must be ratified in the House.

    The House is controlled by the Republicans, with the most conservative members of the party and staunch supporters of the NRA. The NRA is opposed to any bills that control the sale of guns, and they want to keep things the way they are. They say they have 5 million members and millions of dollars to support their positions.

    Many reporters in the media say that 90 percent of Americans support background checks, but that means different things to different people. Some proposals on the table want background checks at gun shows, internet sales, and sales between friends and relatives. Other proposals don’t want any checks at any of these events, and only at gun stores and commercial transactions.

    Negotiations for gun control will be emotional and intense in the Senate and it will be difficult to get a bill that the majority can agree on. All of the experts are stating that there should not be any discussion on banning the sale of military-style weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. Maybe this discussion is certain for defeat, but there needs to be a conversation on this topic. The gun insanity in America must stop and be controlled, and everything should be on the table.

    President Obama is reaching across the table and the Republicans are responding in the Senate. The heart of a society starts with the heart of its leader and its family. Michelle and the president are pouring their heart out all around the country and love has the power to change things.

    America is at a crossroad and the president will not stop until a bill is on his desk to sign. The families in the country that have been impacted by gun violence deserve action. The gun battle will not be won with speed, but to the many that endure.           


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