President Obama please “man-up”

Don-At-WorkPresident Obama please “man-up”

By Don Valentine

      The first Black President should use the last stage of his Presidency to promote his resumé. It would help pave the way for Senator Corey Booker, or former Governor Deval Patrick, if the President was more demonstrative about what his Administration has accomplished. The argument that it is not “Presidential” to accentuate your success while in office is fallacious. Particularly, when you are the first Black President. Your critics have not given you the respect the office deserves.

This President has been snubbed by the Prime Minister of Israel. He had the Governor of Arizona wag her finger in his face before cameras. The former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, made the farcical statement, “I do not believe President Obama loves America.” I don’t claim to be a smart person, yet I know that no person would want the stress of being President if they did not love America. President Obama needs to respond to the critiques on his Administration’s competency.

2015 Labor Day marked the lowest price for Holiday gas since 2004. The country is just short of the macroeconomic definition for “Full Employment”. We are almost at 5 percent unemployment, which is the definition for “Full Employment”. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment has not been lower since 2007. That was just prior to the country’s recession. In fact U.S. News and World Reports documents that the economy is healthier than it’s been since 2005. Clearly, the policy the Obama Administration put into place has improved the economy. Quite a feat, given what the Bush Administration left for him to rectify.

A portion of the population, including myself, finds the President to be “Dovish”. He inherited billions of dollars in military costs fighting two wars. Getting out of that malaise has not dissipated the safety of the homeland in a significant manner. History will reflect that the President’s achievement with Affordable Health Insurance. It will also note the Iran Nuclear accord and the ending of two wars. It would be in the best interest of future Black Presidential candidates if he would promote his resumè more. He has done a particularly good job juxtaposed to the previous administration. Amplify those successes to make it easier for the next candidate of color, Mr. President.

Don Valentine, Free Lance, U.C. Berkeley ’89 B.S. Psychology, Mc-George Law School J.D. ‘92

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