Professionally Pretty: Serial entrepreneur Morgan A. Owen spills the tea on how to build a business from the ground up in her new book

Morgan A. Owens (Courtesy of Morgan A. Owens Brand)

Morgan A. Owens had a lot to smile about during her exclusive interview with The Westside Gazette. She’s celebrating the 5th year anniversary of her first business, Curvy Cardio, and she’s launching her 2nd book.

“Curvy Cardio is a fitness brand empowering women to love themselves from the inside out,” Owens describes. She hosts weekly workouts, national pop-ups and after-school care workshops that promote self-love, self-esteem and healthy body image.

Professional Pretty, her other business — geared towards helping women build and manage their own brands and businesses — is gaining steam. “It’s under that brand that I host/hold my big conference every year,” she says confidently.

Owens started the conference in 2018 with 200 attendees. That number grew to 300 this year, leading her brand to speaking opportunities at this year’s Essence Festival and a social media takeover for Dr. Miracle’s Instagram account.

In her newest book, How to Be Professional Pretty: A Guide to Bloom Your Business, Owens walks budding entrepreneurs through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Oh and there’s worksheets to aid the process.

She admits to doing the most. “My overall goal for the Morgan A. Owens brand is to empower women to be their best self and to help them navigate through their own barriers, which is usually ourselves.”

Owens recognizes that there are many outside forces and obstacles that keep us from achieving our true potential: (1) Women don’t always have to seat at a table and (2) There are a lack of resources and women are overlooked.

“But yet, we get the job done,” she emphasizes. Morgan’s business journey started in corporate; she used what she learned there to chart her own course in entrepreneurship.

Boosting the confidence of women and girls has become her life’s work. In her first book, Finding My Sparkle, Morgan A. Owens walks readers through her own journey to loving herself – the struggles and triumphs.

During the interview, she describes not being nominated for an award she thought she deserved. “I shed a tear, then bossed back up!”

This powerhouse brand is full steam ahead in fulfilling the purpose God has put into her heart — to inspire women and girls to love themselves and to boss up. She expects 400-500 women for the third annual Professional Pretty Conference in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio May 22-24, 2020.

South Florida will have a unique opportunity to share an intimate moment with Morgan A. Owens. Her Finding My Sparkle Book Tour and Fireside Chat has a stop in Miami this January. Discover more by visiting and follow her on Instagram.


Having met Morgan A. Owens, as a speaker, at this year’s NNPA Midsummer Conference in Cincinnati, The Westside Gazette attained this exclusive interview during one of her recent trips to South Florida. Press play to hear the full interview with Arri Henry.



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